Is it normal...

to eat a piece of chocolate
eat a turkey sandwich with deli meat

and think oh crap I probably shouldnt have that? Chocolate because it has caffeine and turkey because its cold cut deli meat.

Am I overacting or is this perfectly normal for a 1st pg that is thankful that God gave us such a precious miracle but still a bit cautious about each little thing?!

1 more week till our first OB appt! Chad comes home tomorrow from Los Angeles I cant wait!

For funny-one of my students asked me today-when are you and your husband having a baby? I said well see. I had to kind of laugh about it. Then she says you would be so cute pg. Such sweet students some of them are.


Chrissy said...

Yes! Worrying about every little thing you do is totally normal. I promise that will settle down here in a few weeks and you will get back to living.

Just do everything in moderation. Chocolate is fine, as long as you aren't eating 7 candy bars a dary or anything. Small amounts of caffeine are okay.

I think I told you this before, but I avoided deli meats in the first trimester, ate them a bit in the second, and lots in the third. My sister ate a ham sandwich everyday for lunch through both her pregnancies though.

When in doubt, call the doc, that's what they are there for.

Onna said...

I totally ate deli meats through my entire pregnancy! And I had TONS of chocolate as Reese's Cups were one of my favorite things. :) It's SOOOOOOO normal to worry though and I hate to say if you're a very active member of the worry club like me when it doesn't ever change!
But I do have to say ENJOY IT as much as you can. Worrying won't do anything but make you not do that!

That was very sweet of your student and she'll be super excited when she finds out the news!

YAY for Chad being back home and one week til appointment!

Henriettæ said...

Perfectly normal! :D

It seems to be a cultural thing, weirly enough! In Sweden, you are allowed to eat as much chocolate as you allow yourself to, and no more than one cup of coffee per day (which I think is about three US ones, since ours are SO much stronger than yours). So they're liberate on that end. Deli's and non-pasteurised cheeses are a big no-no, as well as certain fish. However, in France and Denmark you're allowed to eat deli and cheese... It's a jungle!!

Katie said...

I totally allowed myself as much chocolate as I wanted!

As for the deli meat...I always heated mine up, which led to a few raised eyebrows at work before I announced my pregnancy at like 14 weeks. But that was just paranoid me. :)

Dana said...

Yep, let the worrying begin. I thought with each week that passed in pregnancy I would worry less...but no such luck :D Thinking about you and can't wait to see the u/s pics!

Dana said...

As I just finished eating a piece of chocolate cake....really! Limited amounts of caffeine are ok, my Dr. told me I can have 3 cokes a day and still be WAY under the reccommended amount. I haven't eaten any deli meat or hot dogs, but that hasn't really bothered me. The white mexican cheese....omg, I miss that so much though :). One little bite of something won't hurt you a bit, it is totally normal to be worried about everything though, at the start of this pregnancy I was!!

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

I think it's normal! But don't stress yourself out over it. Like the other girls said, in moderation you'll be fine anyway. :)

Andrea said...

Worrying is normal.
But yes, you can eat your deli meat and your chocolate. Everything in moderation.

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