Happy Thanksgiving

Since we wont be around tomorrow I thought I would do the post a little early. We are heading to see my family in the morning and then his family tomorrow night and spent the rest of the week there before heading to MSU on Saturday for the Egg Bowl and hopefully for the baby's first win in person, we will see:)

This Thanksgiving really has brought a whole new meaning to life. Last Thanksgiving and Christmas I just remember saying I have to go through yet another holiday season without being pg or a baby. I must admit its hard through the rest of the year but the holidays are much tougher. This year Im so blessed to have a wonderful husband who is just as excited about our baby who is making me extra hungry and growing away as much as my tummy has grown but its very exciting. Im blessed to have family and friends who have been supportive through our rough and down times to get to experience such a wonderful blessing.

This Thanksgiving Im reminded of Gods precious miracle he has blessed us with and all the moments of hurt and pain are worth everything for our precious one. Even when I felt some days God had given up on us he had his perfect plan that we are so blessed with.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow!

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Baby Wanted said...

Happy Thanksgiving! You do have a lot to be thankful for! :)

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