Under 200 Days

I cant believe it we are now officially under 200 days..wow! We started out with our 250 days and the days have gone by so quickly. It is exciting to be under 200 days now and now when Im under 100 days I may start freaking out a bit because I havent been around a newborn in quite a while.


Angie said...

I have to say that the best and most sound advice I ever got was from my mom--she told me to relax and have faith because my maternal instincts would kick in. :) I still freaked out and would second guess things---but it really is true. I hope that you're enjoying each and every day of being pregnant!

Leah said...

Congrats on having less than 200 days to go. That's amazing! Glad to hear it's going by somewhat quickly. :-D

Dana said...

Yeahhh! Congrats on less than 200 days, it will fly by!

I thought I would be freaked out too, but really your instincts do start to kick in. I'm so calm about everything from the birth to taking care of him, I just KNOW I can do it! Talk to me in a month, right? :)

Onna said...

Oh my... under 200! WOW!

I have to be honest I was never around a newborn but it was so natural with my own. Just you wait!!!!!

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