Oh lovely cold....

Well I think I have officially came down with such a lovely cold, Ive been having symptoms but it came in full force today and oh boy is it lovely. My question is does anyone know of medicine you can take while pregnant to even feel a little better??

In other news-interesting I might add. Several months back (this summer) we did all of our paperwork for the state to adopt but figured it would be a good 2 years to get a child 2 or under. Well wouldnt you know it that they called us tonight and had a 2 year old?! I was quite shocked and they needed a placement ASAP (more like tonight or tomorrow). Of course we had to turn it down but I was very shocked to say the least I honestly didnt think we would ever get a call.


Caroline said...

Hi there,
Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. I would speak to a pharmacist and they will tell you what you can take.
And how amazing that you got a call!

derek and brittney said...

Hey! You can take any tylenol cold product, sudafed and Mucinex. Just don't take any that have DM behind the name!! I personally think Mucinex works best:)

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