22 weeks

How Far Along: 22 weeks
Total Weight Gained/Loss: gain 7.2 lbs overall (maintain this week-kind of freaky since I really thought I had gained a bunch)
Maternity Clothes: just about everything is maternity now and they are so comfortable
Best Moment of the Week: there are a few--1)getting tips from moms (thanks to you ladies!), 2) getting to talk to a mom that I work with and hearing her say that a c-section isnt as bad as she thought just in case baby Morgan needs to make her entrance that way! 3) Also getting to see our little angel through sonogram and seeing her yawn it was so cute! 4)getting to hear how many people have noticed I actually look pg and some who didnt know I was pg so she must be growing away!
Movement: she has more movement as in moving around than solid kicks Ive figured out but I feel much better after getting to see her
Food Craving: chocolate milk
Food aversions: hamburger & ketchup (ate one this week and thought I was about to puke Morgan sure did not like it!)
Morning sickness: none
Gender: a GIRL-Morgan Elizabeth
Labor Signs: hopefully not for a long time
Belly Button: in
What I miss: not having to burb all the time-she has given me major heartburn & indigestion (she must be growing some hair in the belly right:) )
What I'm looking forward to: getting to pick out the nursery colors & getting to go spend our free $ at Gymboree and getting her some more goodies.
Weekly Wisdom:
The rich and the poor meet together; the LORD is the maker of them all. --Proverbs 22:2
Milestones: getting to see her yawn for the first time so cute!


Baby Wanted said...
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Baby Wanted said...

Your belly is getting so cute! I can't wait to see all the adorable stuff you guys bout at gymboree!

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