can someone please explain what this is?? Ive seen a few comments but have no clue what in the world this is Ive never heard it. Where do you get it?

thanks for any information on getting over the crud!


Andrea said...

A neti pot is something you can use to clean out your sinus cavity... I think you pour saline in? I have heard good things about them, but I gag when something goes in my nose so I can't stand the thought of doing it myself.

Angie said...

It can be found at most any store/pharmacy. It's to rinse your sinuses, etc. It looks like a tiny tea pot. I've never tried one myself, but I have heard a lot of good things about it!

Dana said...

I came by to explain the neti pot, but these bloggers did a great job of doing so! Check CVS for one. And a tip on doing it, tilt your head and breath thru ur mouth. It kinda feels like when u get a nose full of pool water. I hope it helps!!!

Breen said...

Yes all this! We got ours at Target. The Neti pot comes with packets and you add that to luke warm water. Tilt your head to the side and it comes out the other nostril. It's kinda gross but works wonders! I make DH use it all the time because I can't stand his sinus issues. LOL

Sarah'sSmile said...

I would go with he sinus rinse bottle instead. It isn't quite as intimidating as a neti pot. I got mine at Walgreen's right next to the netis!

Anonymous said...

Ok ladies..a Neti Pot? I have heard it all! LOL
But for mom's advise..
heat up the shower..
let it run..
close the door..
and instant sauna..which helps the nose!
And..I have a humidifier if you want it!
Love you!

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