Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers, and the mothers to be! It is a day that Ive been waiting for quite some time and have prayed and prayed that one day I could actually be able to celebrate. This year I know our little girl Morgan is not here but I know she will be here anyday (20 days till due date!). I cant wait for next year to give her lots of hugs, kisses and just to know how special this day truly will be next year with our little miracle here!

This year Chad got me an amazing card and it seriously made me tear up it was so sweet and really from the heart. Chad has never been a card person so it really drew me to a huge surprise and he has made the day extra special. I also got flowers (roses & calla lillies (our wedding flower) )and a card from my family as well.

I know the days are coming to an end on the pregnancy and I cant wait to see what Morgan will look like and what kind of personality she will have. She is already loved by lots and we are so thankful for that. Let the real countdown begin and Im hoping for less than 20 days!

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Dana said...

Happy Mother's Day! I am so happy we finally get to celebrate it as soon to be mommys :D Love U!!

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