Praying for Nashville

As many of you know, we lived in Nashville for a couple of years after graduating college. The pictures that are coming in are amazing.

If you have never been to Nashville, it sits at the base of the Cumberland Plateau and has many creeks and tributaries from the Cumberland River that flow through the city and the suburbs. So, lots of water in a valley.

All of our friends seem to be alright, some without power, but no major damages. Sadly, eight people and counting have lost their lives due to the flooding.

The church we attended is in one of the heaviest hit areas. Essentially, in the last 24 hours, Nashville has seen more rain than it normally sees in a four month period.

Some pictures:
This is the Riverfront area of Nashville. That is LP Field, the Titans stadium in the background.

The parking lot of Cool Springs Galleria, an upscale mall in the Franklin area.

This really shows how high the water is. This is on Mallory Lane in Brentwood. If you listen to Dave Ramsey, his headquarters are essentially next door to this Burger King.

An apartment complex.

This is on Interstate 24

Not sure where this was taken, but several people had to be rescued by boat.

The most devastating picture we've seen. That is a house that floated away and collided with a vehicle on the interstate.

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Rosie said...

Wow! I haven't had time to watch the news. Sending prayers that way.

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