1st night

Picture above is from when we first got home from the hospital with our little angel

Well we have now been home for two nights and I must admit the first night was really tough. I so wish someone would have told us how hard it was because we called lots of friends, some came over to see her and it seemed like everyone was saying how hard your first day and night was.

Monday when we came home Morgan slept for hours upon hours and just didnt want to wake up. When she finally did wake up she acted like she was starving but was in so much pain from gas she wouldnt eat. Of course it broke my heart into a thousand pieces. We broke down tried to feed her some formula and she spit it right back at us (guess that was her way of telling us no thanks..haha)

She finally ate for about 5 minutes or so and was better, went to sleep, woke up and cried some more-my poor baby.

Then the night came and she was so fussy. She cried off and on from 11 pm to 2 am and I finally got her settled down and I rocked her and we got a pacifier for the first time (that didnt work) and then finally she took the edge of my finger and somehow that made her happy. After getting her to sleep at 2 am I stayed in the rocker and would not move until about 2:45 and finally I sat her down in the bassinet and she slept until 8:15. I tried to wake her up to feed but she was out cold.

We had a doctors appt at 9:30 and she decided she wanted to start nursing at 9 am when we had to leave. At that point my baby was a whole lot more important than making an appointment on time.

What I learned about the first night home-
1) Its the first night and we were a bit nervous to begin with
2) Morgan LOVES music and it didnt soothe her for bits of time during her fussing
3) I have an amazing husband that loves both of his girls more than anything and he was such a big help-I dont know what in the world I would do without him! Morgan is blessed to have such a wonderful daddy
4) just because something doesnt work one time doesnt mean it wont work the next time.

Up next-day 2


Onna said...

The first night home is super rough. And I'll admit right now you'll have rough nights, well for the rest of your life I assume lol

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture of the three of you at the top of the page, it's so perfect and wonderful! What a beautiful family!

I'm hoping that nights get easier (and they will, that's a promise). It might take sometime but all this will come natural to you and you'll be thinking what was so hard at first!!


Leah said...

I read this post and got scared. . . very scared! Sounds like it was a tough first night but hopefully things will settle in for you guys.

Hope you are feeling well. :)

Rosie said...

Amber, Im just so happy for ya'll!
And yes, what doesn't work the first time may work the 2nd. Or in our case the 50th! lol.

Chrissy said...

Oh yeah, that first night is a doozy! Ours was the opposite reason though, Addison would not STOP eating. I literally slept 45 minutes the entire first night. I thought I was going to die! She dropped 8 oz from birth to her low point, but once my milk came in she packed it back on in less than a week.

You are doing great!

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