Update with pictures...

We have had a relaxing few days and are enjoying our daughter more and more each day. She seems to be getting in little patterns of sleep but nothing to regular.

Yesterday we went back to the doctor because she was not producing enough poop and pee diapers. They went in to weigh her and she weighed 7 lbs 9 oz. so she had only gained 2 oz since we went on Thursday. The doctor was a bit concerned about her weight but was not in panic over it because she did say some babies gain at a slower rate.

She wanted us to try to supplement instead of exclusively breastfeeding but that didnt seem to go over too well. I think we may stick it out and see if maybe she will be up a bit more for her pediatrician appointment on Friday. I know that babies are supposed to be up to their birth weight by their 2 week pediatrician appointment but unfortunately she is just a slow gainer.

Friday will be a big day with getting her newborn pictures taken (cant wait to see them!) and then her shots (hopefully I wont cry too hard...)

Pictures for the past few days-enjoy!June 5-trying out her play gym it was just a little too much for her right now
June 6 (Sunday)-she decided that she would take her paci just to go to sleep. she loves to stretch out like this.
June 6 (Sunday) her stump fell off-yeah
June 7 (Monday)-she loves to just sit in her bassinet and look around
June 8 (Tuesday-today) sleeping away!


Katie said...

C was a slow gainer at first, too. Took her 3 weeks to get back to her birth weight. Sometimes BFed babies are a bit slower. Things that helped us get her to eat better:

1) We'd been using a nipple shield to get her to learn to latch. Finally had to give it up altogether because I don't think she was getting enough milk (although I was producing plenty; it just wasn't getting in her mouth).

2) No putting time limits on how long she nurses. If it takes an hour, so be it. And if she's hungry an hour later, go for it again. Yeah, I got tired of sitting around all the time, but it worked.

3) Try just nursing Morgan on one side during a feeding instead of switching. She might get more of the fatty hind milk. Next feeding, put her on the other side. You might be a bit lopsided for a while, but that's ok.

Good luck, and adorable pics!

Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

AWW!! Love all the Pics Such Cuteness! Can't wait to see how her newborn pics turn out:)

Nerida said...

Beautiful wee girl Amber. It took Kyan 3 weeks to gain his weight back and he was formula fed. She will get there. It takes a while sometimes for them to settle in.

Breen said...

She's so beautiful. I'm glad you are enjoying just relaxing with her.

Rosie said...

You sound like you're having so much fun with her. Morgan is just adorable! I love the sleeping picture of her streeeetttched out! lol. so cute!

Mommy Becoming said...

So sweet!

Aly said...

I have been so busy with traveling/moving that I have be neglecting reading my blogs recently. I didn't even know you had Miss Morgan until you commented on my post and I saw her precious little picture as your thumbnail. She is beautiful, and I am not just saying that. She really is a pretty baby. Congrats Congrats Congrats. I have just spent the last 30 mins reading all your posts since she was born so I am all caught up now. :) I am so happy for you. Enjoy here, they grow up way to fast. If I didn't already have baby fever looking at that sweet face is makes me REALLY want another one now.

Dana said...

She is a doll!

Trevor didn't like formula at first either! We tried him on Enfamil and I think he had some sort of reaction! He took the Similac Advance like a champ though.

Love the pic of her on the play mat, that is what Trevor did with his for the first month or so :)

Kami said...

My girls loved the breast and formula. She will get used to it. She is absolutely adorable mommy!!! Good job!


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