Don't Leave Home Without It

Has this ever happened to anyone else?

So we needed to make a small grocery run. Morgan was a little fussy and the weather was sort of yucky today, so Chad said he would run to the grocery store for us if I made a list. Can't turn that down, can we?

So I made a list, and he was on his way. He called me to verify something, I called him to ask him to check on something. Normal routine when he shops alone.

All of a sudden, he comes home, walks into the bedroom with a smile on his face, simply picks up his wallet, and heads back out. Without saying a word.

He had gotten through the list, and to the register and realized that he did not have his wallet! Luckily, the cashier held the items at the register, and he did not have to go back through the list again.


Sarah said...

Haha! This is sooo my hubs!! Yeah for nice the nice cashier though. :)

Miranda said...

Daddy Brain!

Dana said...

So funny! This is something I would so do!

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