Women and Facebook

I admit, I love Facebook. Most of us do. But I ran across a recent study that is pretty disturbing. According to the study, women are addicted to Facebook.

Facebook wasn't around when I was in college - and that was not that long ago, but being Facebook friends with college-aged women (and some a bit older), I have always been shocked at what some people will post. Pictures where they are intoxicated, scantly clad, or worse is way more normal than it should be.

Here are some other interesting stats regarding young women and Facebook:
  • 21% of women age 18-34 check Facebook in the middle of the night
1 in 5 women wake up to check Facebook? I have been guilty of flipping through it on my iPhone when I am up with Morgan, but not habitual. 
  • 63% use Facebook as a networking tool
I actually see both sides of the coin here. It has become a great networking tool, but combined with text messaging, it has killed face-to-face interaction. 
  • 42% think it’s okay to post photos of themselves intoxicated
  • 79% are fine with kissing in photos
 What many people do not realize is that companies really do check Facebook pages of applicants. Those photos of "being cool" at a party in college could very well cost them a job down the road.
  • 58% use Facebook to keep tabs on “frenemies”
Wow. I knew this was prevalent, but almost 3 in 5?
  • 50% are fine with being Facebook friends with complete strangers
Maybe the most disturbing. If you are like me, you get dozens of requests for "friending" from people you have no idea who they are. Apparently,  half of people think its okay to give complete strangers access to your social interaction, not to mention your personal information.

There are some other disturbing things from the survey (1 in 20 women use Facebook to "hook up" with a guy), but I'll let you read that for yourself.

What if 21% of women got up to pray in the middle of the night? What if 50% of women were proud, open Christians? I have friends that are members of Facebook groups like "1,000,000 Christians on Facebook," and "God is Good" and at the same time, being members of groups like "I $#@&ing love XYZ" and "My boobs get my bar tab paid," which are two of the more tame ones.

If our goal was to spend as much time with God as we do on Facebook (and I'm guilty of it too), then our walk with Christ would strengthen exponentially.


Leah said...

Wow. Those are some interesting facts! I myself am trying to wean myself off of facebook. Now that I have Scarlett home though, I find myself guilty of looking at facebook on my phone as I feed her. Oops!

Angie said...

Yikes...those are some scary numbers/facts. I've recently started thinking of taking FB off of my Blackberry because it makes me more tempted to check it frequently.....maybe I will now.

Dana said...

I am one of the weird people in this world...I don't have a facebook anymore! I did for about a month and it was just too much for me. I found myself being one of the addicted ones and spending WAY too much time on there. I also don't want to run into any of my kids on there doing things that would make me see them in a different light, kwim?

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