Hello Weekend...

Well in just a few short hours (well less than an hour to be exact:) the weekend will be here and I could not be more excited to see the weekend come. This week has been extremely tough as a teacher because the kids have just been extra hyper (I think due to the long weekend). Then last night Morgan was up every hour so its making for a long day but she is definitely worth it all.

Here is a picture of Morgan before daycare this morning in her little MSU outfit and MSU socks:) If anyone wasnt aware today is wear your college shirt day and of course Chad and I both participated as well as Morgan we couldnt leave her out.


Leah said...

Such a cute photo. :)

Kelli Ray said...

Hi Amber,

Morgan has gotten so big and is oh so cute! :) The time really does just fly by. Going back to work is so hard. :(

You are so lucky that she sleeps through the night like that already. Wow!

I'm sorry you ended up having to give your dog to another family. I have two little dogs and we really have to watch Mason around the older one. :( It's hard.

Can't wait to see more updates.

~ Kelli

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