20 weeks...

Well this week has been a CRAZY week and it really all started last Saturday. Just a week in review....

Saturday I spent the day at the hospital with all my family and my cousin who came down from Auburn with my grandfather who was on his dying bed. It was a hard day to watch him die. I ended up going home around 7:30 to nurse Morgan and was going to go back up to the hospital. Well about 8:05 my mom called to tell me my grandfather had gone on to be with the Lord. Still cant believe he is gone but I did realize that at 91 years old (would have been 92 on Oct. 14) it could be anyday.
 June 12-only picture I have of my grandad with Morgan. I will forever treasure it.

Well about 30 min after my grandfather passed away Morgan felt a little hot so I took her temp and it was 100.7 so I gave her Tylenol for the first time and thought it would go down. No, it went skyrocketing up to 103.0. It scared the living mess out of both of us and Chad had already called the doctor when it went up to 101.5 and they told us if it went up to 103 to call them. Well luckily it did go down after a 2nd dose of Tylenol that the dr told us to give her (only gave .4 the first time and 2nd time same dose). Luckily about 10 pm she was fever free and has been.
Morgan and her cousin Mary Grace at breakfast on Sunday

Then it was the no sleep for 2 nights...those caught up with us all for sure. Saturday night because she slept in our room with the fever we wanted to keep a close eye on her and then on Monday night because we were in New Orleans for my grandfathers funeral. Not sleeping in her bed=bad nights sleep!
Morgans first night sleeping in a hotel in New Orleans, LA

Then came the switch of formulas. We tried her on the Members Mark formula that was supposed to be the same everyone seemed to tell us. Well let me go ahead and save anyone else the trouble-don't try it! It isn't the same and gave Morgan terrible diarrhea and it has taken almost a whole week to get her back to normal.

Chad took her to the dr on Wednesday after being sent home from daycare for such bad diahrrea. What I have learned with it. If an infant gets diarrhea you can put them on soy formula and it clears it up. It took 2 days and now she is back on Enfamil and will be on it until she gets off + breastmilk in the morning and night.

So for the good of the week...
They say the third time is a charm. Well Morgan finally took down her cereal wonderfully. We were going to try the bottle but with so much happening it just didnt happen.
Mom Im all done-can I have some more now....

We tried out the oatmeal cereal with a 5 tbsp formula and she was opening her mouth ready for more. It was the cutest thing ever. The first few bites I gave her the cereal and put her paci in her mouth and that seemed to help her figure out how to swallow it. She took the entire thing and kept opening her mouth it just made my day to see her so excited about eating. Guess she just needed a little more time.


Anonymous said...

man, yall did have a crazy week! Glad its all getting better now. Noah has tried the Members Mark and seems to be fine with it - but then he has an iron stomach, I'm pretty sure. Barrett of course can't have anything but the hypoallergenic or his poor tummy's a mess. I guess some babies are just more sensitive than others! Glad you've got something that works well for her, though.
Keep us updated with the progress on the solids...still not there yet (except for rice in the bottle for reflux), but I think it's coming soon for Noah!
Glad youre home, hope to see you at church tomorrow!

Rosie said...

What a precious picture of your grandfather and Morgan. I'm sorry for you loss.
I am glad to hear Morgan is feeling better. That first time for your baby to get sick makes you feel so helpless.

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

So sorry to hear about your grandfather...what a precious picture of him & Morgan...such a keepsake! She is growing so fast & such a cutie. :)
And my carrier is a Baby K'Tan & I LOVE it. It's like a Moby but without the hassle. I highly recommend it!!

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