5 months

How fast another month has gone by and how Im wondering where that last month has disappeared to now.

Whats going on in Morgans world...
Weight: 14 lbs 6 oz (42nd percentile)
Height: 25 1/4 inches (59th percentile)
Clothes: 0-3 mths in some outfits and 3-6 mths in some.
Diapers: wears size 1-2 diapers (Sams size of Pampers)
Sleep: sleeping has been all over the board this month. From Sept. 28-Oct. 8 it was regular 8:30 until 6, then from Oct. 9 until Oct. 25 it was 8:30 till 4:30 (wake up twice in between), and now since Oc. 26 its back to 8:30 till 6. Well see how next month goes :)
Feeding: breastfeeds in the morning and at night, then formula 3X a day at daycare (7 oz), then once at home (7 oz)
Naps: they seem to vary greatly but most times nothing over an hour even at daycare.
5th time
-took cereal the first time, the first two times didn't go over so well but we waited till she was 4.5 months and then tried oatmeal instead of rice cereal and she did much better! Tried two other times after those didnt go well.
3rd time
-mommy plans to start making your food soon

-can hold her bottle
-still hasn't figured out how to roll all the way over yet but its a work in progress
-had fever for the very first time and it went up to 103 (very scary for mommy & daddy)

-has now made it to a new state (Louisiana) and of course she has already been to Alabama.
-loves to be outside and to go on walks

-loves to hold her feet and try to eat them on occasion too

-loves to try to eat her hands and has started looking at them a lot more.
-has taken out her paci and loves to try to get it in her mouth but hasn't figured it out all the way. She sure does examine it a lot.
-got her first dose of diarrhea and it was not fun at all. We had to put her on soy formula to get rid of it.
-got sent home from daycare for the first time due to the diarrhea and daddy got to take her to the doctor for the first time other than for well baby visits.

-got to meet her cousin Mary Grace for the first time
-loves to talk and try to carry on a conversation and I cant wait to figure out what in the world she is saying one of these days.

-loves to try to help daddy with the computer
-loves playing in her bouncy seats and occasionally will get in a good swing with her toys and hit her poor self but it never seems to bother her.

-loves to watch sesame street on her daddys iPhone
-loves to laugh and sometimes will get to giggling at the funniest things and it just cracks us up. Sometimes its a funny word or the way we say it or if we stick out our tongue.
-started to get a little ticklish right behind her ear

-enjoying reading at night before we go to bed a lot more than when we started.
-loves pulling mommy's hair and sometimes its hard to take it out of her hand with her tight grip.

-loves to try to sit up but hasn't quite figured out how to sit up all the way yet but she is close.
-seems to be getting teeth but no teeth yet. I think they are coming soon.

-figured out how to splash in the time and thinks its so funny. She still loves bath time.
-has gotten a few hairs on her head but not long enough for a real bow yet.

-wore pants for the first time
-wore jacket for the first time

-stayed with daddy alone for the first time

Products that we use...(some are pretty common..yes I know..)
-bumbo seat-she loves it

-jumper-loves to stare in the mirror at herself
-paci clips (we sure would be wiping off a lot of pacis without these)

-lamaze cube-anything we have gotten from Lamaze she just loves but this one is by far her favorite
-inchbug bumpy name labels
-bouncy seat-not sure how in the world we would live without this thing


Books of the month...
-while learning about how to make her own food this one has some great info. It was recommended by a friend who is making her own baby food and our little girls are 3 weeks apart. She made making your own baby food sound so simple and easy.
Starting Solids by Annabel Karmel
-Morgans favorite book-Baby's First sounds

Mommy and daddy are loving every little milestone and we cant wait to have you baptized tomorrow and share in such a special day that will be. We cant wait to see what all milestone you will get to this month.

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