So ever since we got back from new Orleans Morgans sleeping schedule has gone out the door.

At first Morgan was just waking up at 4 am & didn't want to go to sleep so we stayed up with her & played. Well now she is waking up at 12 & 4. It is tough but she's worth it all of course!

Sleepy girl fixing to go to church

For the cereal update-she had one good day of it & well since then she just cries. So we tried the bottle tonight hoping that would help. Well it came out too fast & she just fussed.

So I'm just wondering anyone have any suggestions for sleep or cereal?


sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

I'm so sorry...we're kind of at the same point right now in that E is waking up really more than he ever has! So maybe it's just a stage around this age? I sure am hoping. We haven't started cereal yet so I don't have any advice there either. Sorry I'm not much help - just wanted to say hang in there & I feel your pain! :)

Just Believing said...

Your funny your like me cuz I complain and then I'm like "its worth it though!" LOL but girl we all know how tough it is!!! Worth it but damn tough!!!!!

Ok they also have the 4 month wakefulness! Google it you will find alot on it! That may be some of it too and just readjusting Faith is 13 months and readjusting since our trip back to CA and its hell!!!!

Breen said...

I don't have little ones yet, but my mom has told me things while preparing to have a baby one day.

She has told me that all three of us kids always slept through the night. Her trick was to put some rice cereal in our last bottle before going to bed. We'd have full bellies and never wake up.

Of course I've never tried this :)

Mommy Becoming said...

Shane is waking up more frequently these days as well. He woke up at nights the first time before he got his first teeth (3 months 3 weeks). Now he is starting to do it again. Is Morgan showing any signs of teething? Or maybe it’s just a developmental thing. Hang in—it’ll pass!

Rosie said...

Hey Amber! We went through this at the same age. It's a growth spurt. You'll have either a couple or a few of these in the first year and it messes up the sleeping. Hopefully it will only last a couple of weeks for you.

As far as cereal goes...I know it isn't suggested, but my pedi is pretty laid back and suggested cereal in his bottle before bed time. So like, he eats normal dinner at 6 then right before bed I give him a regular 7 oz bottle w/2 1/2 scoops of cereal. Not only will she get her 2nd serving of cereal that way, but also it should help with sleeping. We used a regular stage 1 nipple (which you should be using)but poked a small hole in it w/a skewer.
Hope that helps.

Sarah'sSmile said...

We never put cereal in W's bottle. From 6 months on he slept through the night. We did a little CIO and that was it. Now he rarely wakes up in a 10-12 hour period--sick or potty emergency are the only exceptions.

Dana said...

I'd be hesitant to try to cereal in the bottle as well. We're having the same issue with Cohen waking up more at night when he used to sleep 10-12 hour stretches. I think it's a combo of growth spurt and teething. It's frustrating, but sometimes you just have to deal with it for a few weeks/months and eventually it will go away.

As for the cereal, if she's fighting it that much, she's probably not ready for it. She's only five months, so she doesn't need it nutrionally yet. Wait a few weeks and try again. If you force it, you'll just make it worse and then it will take even longer for her to start solids.

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