Homemade Baby Food

Well today was the first attempt at homemade baby food & I must admit it was pretty easy but I did have to make some changes. Above all what was made, babies r us containers, steamer

What I made-sweet potatoes, bananas, fuji apples. and carrots

What I needed-steamer, measuring cup for water, containers to put items in (got them for Babies R Us came in a 16 pack of 2.25 oz jars even though it says 2 oz its over 2 oz and they are PERFECT!), food processor, napkin for the spill ups when pouring in containers

Steamed the apples and carrots first

I thought I had it all figured out until I went to give it to Morgan and she about gagged...it just wasnt soupy enough as I like to call it so Ill post my findings and my additions...

1 bag of carrots
1/2 c water
Steam-15 min
Pulse-3-5 min
Servings: 9 (2.25 oz)
I first steamed them, took them out and added only 1/4 c of water (it needed more). Well I added a little too much I think with 3/4 c of water and think that 1/2 c water would be perfect!

the right consistency finally of sweet potatoes
Sweet Potatoes
2 large sweet potatoes
1 c of water
Steam: 20 min
Pulse:5-7 min
Servings: 9 (2.25 oz)
Removed all peelings, tried to cut them in half only to realize that just wasnt happening even with a pretty sharp knive they were hard as a rock! Steamed the sweet potatoes and only added 1/4 c of water and boy was that a huge mistake it needed a lot more. Added little by little until I got to a full cup of water until it was the perfect consistency and Morgan would finally take a bite and not gag on it.

2 Fuji apples
1/4 c of water
Steam: 13 min
Pulse: 3-5 min
Servings: 4 (2.25 oz)
These were about as easy as it comes to be real honest. Cut them in fourths, and removed all the peelings. Steamed them added the water, pulsed them and they were perfect. We will see in the morning how Morgan likes them thats the real key:)

3 bananas
1/4 c water
No Steam
Pulse: 2-4 min
Servings: 5 (2.25 oz)
These were so easy-no cooking required! Add bananas, add water, pulse and they are done! Morgan has not been a fan of bananas yet so I was hoping maybe making them would help but not much luck yet she wasnt crazy about them but I maybe mixing with something to get her to like them.

Hope this helps someone and if anyone who has made it has any tips please let me know because right now we are still experimenting and learning:)


Sarah'sSmile said...

You can make them thicker and add water when it is time to eat. That way if she starts to like a thicker consistency, you won't have to add the water. I made the majority of Wade's baby food. Also just helped a friend who has twins do some. We made it thicker for freezing, then just add water to eat.

Looks like you have a good start! Try some different foods-zucchini, summer squash, etc...to give Morgan some different tastes!

greatdecoratingideas.com said...

what great recipes! Thanks for posting pictures! I always like to see what someone is describing!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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