When you become a parent the pain your child feels you wish you could get it instead of them. Well today has been the most painful as a mom.

Morgan started running a fever around midnight when she woke up. Gave her Tylenol & it took almost an hour to get down to 99.5 where I felt safe enough to put her to bed.

Well short story but Morgan never got below 99 even with Tylenol so we called the doctor & they told us to come in.

When we got there they pricked her finger (ouch!) & her white blood cell came back elevated almost twice what it should be at 29 (shouldn't be higher than 15). Also found out she has a yeast infection.

Well they had to get urine to test for a uti (urinary tract infection) with a catheter ( didn't have a clue they did this at this age!), then drew blood, then an antibiotic shot. Poor Morgan just screamed for what seemed like forever. My poor little girl.

Sleeping on the way home. You can see where she got her finger pricked & blood drawn.

To make things even better once we got home her fever shot up to 103 so it turned to sponge bath time. Now at 9 pm she is asleep & her fever is down in the 99 range thank goodness!

Hopefully tomorrow will be better & her fever will stay down!


Just Believing said...

so scary poor baby faith had a cathedtar too and honestly was scared to death to be laid down for like a week it broke my heart :(

feel better miss morgan!!!!!!!

Breen said...

Poor Morgan and poor mamma. I hope she is feeling better soon.

Rosie said...

I hope Morgan is feeling better. Poor little angel.

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