7 Months

Well this post is just a little late but better late than never right?!

Wow where has the time gone! Im truly amazed at our perfect little angel and the changes she makes each and every day. This month means that you are truly closer to being a year old than baby which makes mommy a little sad but I love seeing everything you discover.

Weight: 16 lbs  (32nd percentile) 
Height: 27.25 inches (79th percentile)
: 3-6 mths in pants, 6-9 months in pajamas, shirts, and dresses.Shoes: we have only gotten one pair of shoes for her so far that she wears. Its a cute little pair of boots that are size 2
: wears size 1-2 diapers (how Sams sells Pampers-has fit into these since 6 wks old)
: her sleep has been all over the place and has pretty much slept in the bed with us for the past month too just so we can get a little sleep. 4-5 hr stretches are about as good as it gets.
: breastfeeds in the morning and at night, then formula 3X a day(7 oz)
Solids: has 2 jars of 4 oz baby food a day (fruit in the am, veggie in the PM)
Favorites-pears & mangos, and pumpkin apple. Likes-pears, apples, sweet potatoes, carrots, peaches, squash, apples & bananas, corn &  butternut squash, green beans and rice, peach oatmeal banana, vegetable turkey dinner, apple butternut squash, pumpkin apple, pears & mangos, banana mango, apple turkey cranberry, sweet potato cinnamon, pear apple oatmeal. Dislikes-none
Naps: they seem to vary greatly anywhere from 30 min to 1 hr (max)

shes loves her jumpy. I am seriously not sure how we would live without this. She could play it in for hours and if we say jump she will jump.

She loves to play pee-boo and if she sees either one of us hide or peek down she will about dive down to see us. Its so cute and she gets the biggest kick out of it.

she loves to eat and anytime she sees me get out the jar (yep Earths Best only) she gets so excited because she knows exactly whats going to happen. Then when I get her bib she really knows that her time is getting even closer. Im so glad that she is a good eater because after our go around with cereal I was a little afraid. 

She tried out her sippy cup and just isnt quite ready it seems. She couldnt figure out how to get anything out of it.
She got to wear pajamas to daycare for the first time. They do special themes at our daycare and its always fun.
this month was definitely a tale of seperation anxiety for Morgan I think. She did not like to be put down (unless it was to eat or in her jumper) and would seriously cry. We had lots of moments of just holding her (which I admit I love shes such a snuggly baby!) and rocking her. It did get a little better towards the end of the month though.
 Morgan pulling her grandpa's hair

She loves to pull hair and boy can she really pull it out and really hurt you. Ive had to wear my hair up quite a bit just because she can about pull it out. We call her grip "kung fu grip".

When I went to pick her up at daycare she really started to notice my voice and me a lot more and would get so excited as soon as I walked in to get her. It just melts my heart because I definitely miss her!

She got to go visit Santa for the first time and she did so well even with a smile on her face!

She is starting to push off on things but not really crawling yet but maybe before too long she will be crawling away. She seems to want to go but just cant figure out how to do it yet.
She got to participate in her first ever christmas play and she was a perfect little angel.

She has started a love for screaming now and its not just little screams its screams that an entire store can hear and wonders whats going on screams. 

Morgan loves to read books it doesnt matter which one but you get any kind of book out and she instantly stops fussing.

She loves to play on her playmat. She thinks that its pretty cool to play on. 

She rolled off the bed for the first time and of course as first time parents we freaked out and took her to the doctor.

She got to visit the christmas tree farm for the first time and get her first real live christmas tree.

She still loves taking baths and her daddy always loves to give them to her. She loves to kick a little. 

She loves to eat her feet. It doesnt matter where we are or what we are doing the feet seem to instantly go straight to her mouth (even with the socks or pajama bottoms on).

She loves blowing raspberries to you and then of course sticking her fingers in her mouth at the same time.

with my mom (not sure what her name will be yet)
She really learned what her tongue was this month and loves to stick it out, mock you if you have it out. Its so cute!
Morgan got to wear her first pair of sunglasses. The sun wasnt out yet but it wont be long till she will definitely need them.

We have some teeth that are coming in under the gums but nothing that has broken skin yet. I hope soon!

She really does love going to shop and is such a good sport when we go out. Sams seems to be her favorite place to go. The only thing I can come up with is the bright lights.

Morgan figured out very quickly how to unwrap her first gift. It was so fun just to see her even though she didnt have a clue what in the world what was going on.

Mommy and Daddy love you more and more each day and cant wait to see what this next month brings! We are enjoying every minute of watching you grow up into such a wonderful little girl.


Leah said...

It sounds like she is doing so well! My little one refused to be put down this month as well. Not sure what that is about, but these arms of mine are getting quite the workout! :)

Mommy Becoming said...

I love it! She's getting so big, I can't believe our babies are seven months already. Shane fell off the bed this month too. Talk about mommy guilt!

Rosie said...

She just seems to be doing well and right on track. And I'm sure the lack of sleep is from her teeth trying to come in. She is just too precious Amber!

Kami said...

She is so adorable!!! I can't believe how fast she is growing. My girls will be one in 18 days and I am freaking out over it. lol Cherish every moment! I know you do.


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