8 Months

Well this is only a week late now:) Life has just gotten so insanely busy and getting on the computer to blog has taken a back seat. Maybe one of these days Ill get better at it but for now we are enjoying our time with our little girl!

We are now up to  8 months and they seem to be flying by and it feels like I need to start planning Morgans first birthday it will be here before I blink. We are just loving every minute of having our precious little girl and just cant believe how fast time truly does pass by.

Weight: 17.2 lbs  (37th percentile) 
Height: 27.75 inches (76th percentile)
: 3-6 mths in pants (they are really too short but 6-9 mth are falling off in the waist), 6-9 months in pajamas, shirts, and dresses but she is quickly about to outgrow it all. It seems like she has gone through the 6-9 month stuff in no time.
Shoes: size 3
: wears size 1-2 diapers (how Sams sells Pampers-has fit into these since 6 wks old). We tried out size 3 and they were huge on her. Im thinking that size 1-2 she will outgrow before too long.
: maybe one of these days we will get her on a normal schedule but for now she sleeps good about 1-2 X a week and the rest are a little rough. Usually its about a 7-8 hr for the good nights and the other nights are well about 2-3 hr shifts.
: breastfeeds in the morning and at night (she is starting to wean herself almost off because she just doesnt want to nurse very much), then formula 3-4X a day (5-7 oz-first and middle bottle she usually drinks the whole bottle. Other two bottles she drinks anywhere from 5-7 oz)
Solids: has 2 jars of 4 oz baby food a day (fruit in the am, veggie in the PM)-
these are only the ones she has had this month
Favorites-pears & mangos, and winter squash
Others tried-Pear Pineapple,
Apples & Apricots, Apples & Blueberries, Apple Butternut Squash, Apple Turkey Cranberry, Apple Yogurt Oatmeal, Green Bean Casserole, peach oatmeal banana, peach pear barley, pears & mangos, Pear Apple Oatmeal, peas & brown rice, Pumpkin Apple, Sweet Potato Apricot, Vegetable Turkey Dinner, winter squash
Dislikes-green beans & rice
Naps: she is getting better about her naps usually 45 min to 1 hr.
  • ice cream bar (caramel truffle). She loved it and didnt want me to put it up.
  • high chair. She loves playing in her high chair and thinks she is a big girl because she gets to sit with mommy and daddy and eat.

  • hair. mommy finally got to put a bow in your hair. it just made mommy's day for you to have enough hair to do so.
  • shoulder time. Loves to be put on your shoulder and of course pulling out your hair. As soon as you start to put her up on your shoulders she starts giggling its so cute!

  •  playtime. Loves to play on the floor with her toys 
  • upside down. Loves to hang down like a monkey as we call it off the couch or the bed.
 mom Ive got this computer thing figured out already
  • electronics. If I put my phone down she instantly will about jump out of my arms trying to get to it. She also loves the computer and thinks its so fun to play on it.
  • reading. Loves to read books but only the simple ones. she gets bored if there is too much text on a page.

  • sippy cup. Will drink out of it some but really is not a huge fan of it.
  • Walking. Loves to try to walk already. We will get her hands and she has already figured out how to put one foot in front of the other. She does wear out easily on this task but she loves to do it.

  • puffs. We have tried a few different flavors and she really can not stand any of them. She gags when we try to give them to her. In the picture above this is about as close as we get to her mouth. Usually she will spit it out pronto or just close her lips and refuses to open them.

  • cart.she got to sit for the first time in the top of the cart
  • crawl. She can scoot around pretty easily but crawling she hasnt quite figured it out yet.
 ignore how bad and shabby mommy was looking :)
  • pulling up. Has pulled up on the table and couch but I must admit it makes me a bit nervous because she likes to try to jump. One time she did it and bumped her chin on the table and cried broken hearted tears.
  • talking. Lots of raspberries but no real words yet. Hopefully soon.
  • holding. She has gotten to where she hates to be held or in her car seat. She tries to jump out of your hands after a very short time period.

 this picture seriously cracks me up! She is giving sophie an evil look for sure.
  • jumper. She still loves her jumper. She wakes up ready to jump. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing but it seems like everything she does it includes wanting to jump, jump.
  • Music. She now has to have music to go to sleep and without it sleep time doesnt work out so well. Specifically, Jewel Lullaby CD. Of course if you have never listened to it then you are missing out. It really can put you to sleep!
  • pee-boo. I think she could play this all day.
  • sitting up. she finally has mastered sitting up, and pulling herself up to a sitting position.
  • mouth. Everything seems to find their home in the mouth.

  • bath time. Loves bathtime with her daddy! We finally converted her over to her big girl rubber ducky tub.
  • teeth. No teeth yet but I think in no time they will appear. Sophie the giraffe is helping you out with a little bit I think.
  • sickness. only one little cold this month that didnt last long. Vicks BabyRub sure is wonderful to get rid of those colds!
  • daycare. she seems to be doing much better at daycare and even with play with the other boys and girls on the ground. She went through a short little time period that she just wanted to be held and nothing else would do. She gets so excited when I come to pick her up in the afternoons and the moment I utter a word no matter where she is in the room she instantly turns around. Just melts my heart.
  • hands. Im not sure what it is about those hands but they seem so fascinating to her. She will put them in front of her and just turn them around and around looking at them. Anytime we clap you think its the funniest thing and you try to clap but haven't quite gotten it down yet.

     Oh baby girl how you melt our hearts more and more each day. I didnt realize just how much more I could love you!

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    Rosie said...

    She is just so pretty. You can tell by the pics she has a cute personality. Oh and my Gavin sure loves his Sophie too. It has be to with him when we're in the car. From the sounds of things, it sounds like Morgan may go straight to walking as much as she likes to be in the up right position. You never know!

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