Big Week

Well this week has definitely been a week I wont forget and lots of firsts for Morgan.
She said her first word tonight (da-da) and boy was she clear about it. She kept repeating herself over and over. Im hoping that ma-ma comes tomorrow!
She finally ate table food today which was mashed potatoes-yeah! She has really been having issues with table food and will not eat anything but 2nd foods.
She started crawling on Sunday and now she is going and going-she has got it down!

Tomorrow I turn 30-I sure do feel pretty old but Im hoping for a ma-ma to make a perfect day!


Rosie said...

Wow! It sure was a large week for ya'll! And happy birthday!

Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

Mine started saying "dada" too recently:) After working with her for a few weeks she finally got it down last However I don't see any crawling in the near future for my girl.. shes still very unsteady with sitting up, HATES to be on her belly for very long, and over all still has no interest for it right now. She kills In some ways she still acts like young baby, but in other ways acts above her age.

I hope you have a Wonderful Blessed Birthday:) You deserve it!

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