10 Months

Happy 10 months baby girl! That means that you are now in the double digit months which makes mommy a little sad because you are growing up way too fast!

Weight: 19 lbs (40th percentile)
Height: 29.5 inches (90th percentile) (I think the nurse measured wrong last month at her check up. I think she was more like 29 inches)
Clothes: Shirts, pajamas, shorts (9-12 months), dresses (12-18 months)
Shoes: We cant seem to find any that fit really well because your foot is so narrow. Of course even if she did have some I dont think she would keep them on!
Diaper: Size 3
Sleep: You now usually go to sleep first in your room and eventually end up in our room after only about 1 to 1.5 hrs because you just wont sleep the full night in your room. We will take it because you are still sleeping. Usually you go down for the night around 8-8:30 and sleep till about 10ish and then sleep until about 6-7 am.

Liquids: You are drinking about 6-7 oz of formula 3 times a day and then nursing a little bit in the morning and sometimes after you wake up from your bed.

Food: you are eating like a champ ever since those two little teeth decided to come through.The only thing you have decided that you didn't want to eat is oatmeal so far. You are not a huge fan of the stage 3 foods.

Puffs and lil crunchies (garden tomato are your favorite!) you think are your candy and you will eat them faster than we can seem to give them to you! 
graham cracker cake which you loved! Mommy is going to have to make it for you
You are starting to get to where you really dont want to eat your baby food anymore only what mommy and daddy are eating.
Crawling seems to be such a fun thing for you to do right now and you go everywhere! We still cant believe how fast you can go from one area of the house to the other.

you love to scratch your head
You love to pull up on everything and are beginning to try to stand on your own but not walking yet.
Strolling around the neighborhood and anywhere we go is now so much fun. You love your walks anywhere we will take you in your stroller but you hate for mommy to put up the top. If mommy puts the top up you lean your head all the way forward to let me know that you cant see.

Since we have converted you over to taking baths in only the tub you absolutely love it. Daddy thinks its much better to have such a happy baby that doesn't want to get out of the tub now. You also love to play with your little duck that at one time you were terrified of.

We had to move your bed down to the lowest level because you love to stand up and we were afraid you would climb out.

When mommy gives you your bag you think its quite funny to pull everything out of it and make a big mess!
When we stayed in the hotel in Birmingham you thought it was so neat to see that other baby in the mirror

Dada  and mama you say very often and sometimes we get a hey and something that sounds kind of like a hey out.

Clapping is one of your favorite things to do behind crawling of course. We ask you to clap and you know exactly what we are talking about. You will start clapping and get so excited.

Outside is a place you love to go and will look outside the window waiting to go outside. It just amazes us to know how much you love to go outside.

We converted you over on Saturday to a big girl car seat because the straps were getting to be a little too tight for you.

You can do a partial wave and sometimes a full wave every once in a while. Hopefully we will get full waves out of you all the time soon!

You love to play with your laptop because it makes noises and you can press buttons on it.

Your favorite toy this month would have to be your play kitchen. When it starts playing the music or lighting up you get so excited. Mommy is trying to start you out early in the kitchen so you can be a big help to mommy.

You absolutely love to drink out of the tops of water bottles. As soon as mommy gets a water bottle out your little hands start clapping for your water.

Took your first trip to the zoo in Jackson.

We cant wait to see what next month has in store for us and you are getting so close to walking we will see if we can get a few steps out possibly.

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Rosie said...

She looks like such a happy little girl! My kiddo eats up his puffs and crunchies like candy too!
Happy 10 months!

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