Oh Nose

Well I know there are first for everything but this is always a first that any parent doesnt like to see come. Tonight Morgan was crawling over to me and she seemed to lose her balance with her foot under her and went face down right on the floor. Her poor little face went straight into the wood floors and the crying began and it made mommy feel oh so terrible.

I scooped her up really quickly to love on her and then I realized that her little nose had blood in it.  My heart just broke a little bit bigger.

I know these moments happen to every parent but you just hate for your little one to be in one ounce of pain even for a split moment.

After lots of hugs and kisses from mommy and daddy and the bleeding stopped she seemed to be just fine and wanted to eat. Of course she didnt really want us to touch her little nose because it was so sensitive.

Her little nose after most of it was cleared up. Of course this picture kind of cracks me up because I was trying to get a picture of her and she stuck most of her hand over the lens.

she was in her own little world here just eating her big girl table food

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