So this week I have found lots of new good websites and thought I would share. If anyone else has some good ones that they would love to share please leave a comment.

Recipe Nut
I tried to find a site like this for so long and finally found it. You can add your own recipes or have you ever come across a recipe on a website and wanted to remember it. Its FREE!

Printable Tip Junkie
Blog that has a ton of items for free to print out for kids and even for adults like grocery lists. Links to lots of blogs that has great and cute stuff!

Org Junkie

One of my all time new favorite blogs. My big inspiration this summer is to organize our entire house for every little place. It has tons of ideas to get your organized and also on Mondays has lots of ideas for meal planning.

A  Few shortcuts
Has a ton of deals each and every day. Im trying to figure out all these coupons and what is the best option and place.

Freebies 4 Mom
Lots of freebies and coupons for kids and some mom items as well.

Anyone else love etsy? This is a groupon for etsy.

Baby Cheapskate
Another great coupon site for baby stuff

Wonderful photo blog

Stuff Christians Like
interesting blog. He blogs about things that most people would never admit in the blogging world.

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