The Fair

Yesterday we went to the fair with some friends of ours and thought I can always use a nice long walk and it was a pretty day. We went right after church and ate lunch there. Well I figured I could find something that might agree with my stomach since I of course cant eat much now. I got a Penn's Chicken on a stick which sounded so good at the time but it didn't last long. I was only able to eat about half of it. I think I downed several ounces of sprite to combat the almost throwing up experience and somehow that helped.

I sure learned my lesson that I should have learned the first time I ate fried food, just dont eat it as good as it might sound. Im still paying for my experience and feel like I cant eat much. The only thing that has helped has been Preggie pop drops they are a lifesaver! My stomach has sure been super sensitive yesterday and today, Sprite isnt even seeming to help like it used to.

Tomorrow marks 8 weeks...yeah!


Leah said...

Sorry your tummy has been upset. Hope you are feeling better soon!

Dana said...

sorry you got sick at the fair, i am glad though that you didn't throw up..that would have been NO FUN!!! i am with you on the fried foods. they sound sooo good, but i am like you when i get a little down i start to taste the fried and it makes me sick!! congrats on 8wks today!!!!

Blessed said...

girl 8 wks !! so fast!! how exciting keep blogging away :)

Miranda aka Mommy said...

sounds like you are doing great.. something that helped me and was cheaper than the preggie pops are the lifesaver suckers (they are always out around halloween). Anyway they worked GREAT for me. Good luck with food sweety.

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