Funny Story

One of my students asked me today, Mrs. Wallace how long have you been
married for..I said 6 years. She then said "well isn't it about time you
have some babies", and when are you going to have one? I then said when
the time is right I guess. Well several times she kept saying are you pg,
are you pg, would you even tell us if you were? I said probably not I
wouldn't want you to know (joking around). She said everyone I bet Mrs.
Wallace is pg and she wont tell us because she hasn't said no, isn't that
right Mrs. Wallace. I just said when the time is right Ill have a kid.
It was quite funny I must admit but no I didn't tell them. Not quite
ready to tell my high school students.

Found this today I was trying to remember for tomorrow if its a X hb
it might be a girl, and X it will be a boy. Some of the other things
on it seemed kind of dumb though. So how many moms remember their
babies HB the first time and it seemed to play in that role
(boy or girl?) just curious.

Tomorrow is our big appointment, the closer it gets the more I get a
bit nervous and excited. I just want everything to be ok with
our little baby.We have waited so long for the miracle of life.
Our appointment is tomorrow!


Mandy Jo said...

You and Chad are in my prayers! I can't wait to hear how it goes!!!!

Angie said...

I seem to remember that Cooper's HB was always pretty high like in the 150-160s....but who am I kidding---I can hardly remember anything that isn't written down.

Blessed said...

I'm sure it will all be wonderful! How exciting can't wait to hear all about it!

Leah said...

It's so interesting how intuitive kids can be. :-D

Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

That is a funny story:)
Can't wait to hear how everything goes!!!

Stacie Grahn said...

Can't wait to hear how the appt goes!

Allison said...

YAYYY Good luck tomorrow at the appointment!

Onna said...

Sydney's first HB was in the 160s :)

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