Morning/Nightime Sickness

Well I think its finally hit the morning or more nighttime sickness for me. It hasnt failed that it seems like everything I eat seems to affect my stomach big time. I have not thrown up yet but feel like my days are coming soon. I do think its funny how its called morning sickness but mine always seems to come right after dinner.

Less than 48 hrs till our first OB Appt..cant wait but still a little nervous too. Its Wednesday afternoon and it cant come soon enough!

Hope everyone had a great weekend ours was very lazy but much needed. This weekend is Homecoming at our school so it will be a crazy week for sure but fun


Blessed said...

so exciting amber!!!

Angie said...

My "morning" sickness was always in the evenings..suspiciously around 5:20 every night. Weird stuff. Hope you can keep everything down...have fun at all of the Homecoming festivities and can't wait to hear about your first appointment. :)

Breen said...

So exciting. I have an appt with my doc too...but nothing as exciting as your appointment. Your update will be better than mine :)

Leah said...

Best of luck at your first OB appointment. :-D

Mandy Jo said...

You got a blog award:) Go to my blog to pick it up!:)

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