Well I think it starting to settle in just a little more that maybe just maybe I could really be pregnant...

Morning sickness or nightime sickness has gotten a lot worst today
Exhaustion seems to be settling in too. I feel like my new bedtime is between 7-9.

A 2.5 hr nap today sure was nice though. I guess getting up at 5 am to send Chad off to Los Angeles for the week probably helped to fall asleep too quickly. Of course now I cant seem to fall asleep..haha!

This morning at church I got to keep nursery and Ive never kept the toddlers, they are lots of fun but seem like lots of drama too. Im amazed how much fun boys and girls can have with a big ball, but they sure did like to fight over it too! I cant wait till we have our own to play with!

Foods Ive found that dont agree with me..
  • fried foods
  • spaghetti


Dana said...

I was exhausted until about 9 weeks, I just couldn't keep my eyes open! Then it was like a switch was flipped....I started feeling great again! Don't worry, your energy will come back!

Rosie said...

Spaghetti is my favorite & don't know what I'd do without it! lol. Just hang in there & try ginger ale. It was the only thing that helped my morning sickness. Oh and crackers b4 I get out of bed too.

Jen said...

It always seems like as soon as I get pregnant I can't keep my eyes open past 8pm. It always lasted a long time for me since I was so sick.

Another thing to try to help with the morning sickness is to eat a sweet cereal. I lived on that stuff. It gives your blood sugar a quick boost which will help you feel less nauseous.

Also try to get in protein whenever you can. Protein really helped me control my morning sickness better since it helps your body to keep your blood sugar from bouncing around to extremes.

Low blood sugar levels will increase your nausea which is one reason why it generally happens in the morning because your blood sugar is low from not eating all night.

Jen said...

One more thing. Here is an article that I liked to give you more ideas of foods that may not upset your stomach

Onna said...

oh the exhaustion is the worst but it does get better (well and then worse again lol)

It will become more and more real as you go! I'M STILL SO THRILLED FOR YOU GUYS!!!

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