I find it very interesting that today we got an email from Bethany (original adoption agency) that we turned in our application back in May. Well we got an email asking us which day would be best out of a few dates and its an all day session. Well we kindly declined because we have a precious baby on the way.

I did have to think back to May though when we turned in our application and how at that time I didnt think we would ever get a baby especially when I found out it could be up to 3 years to adopt. My hopes were shot down and I continued to pray that God would lead us down the path for his will. Now sitting here in October, 5 mths later how God has changed the plans we once thought. I never imagined it would be for a pregnancy but boy am I glad I trusted God and what his will was.

For anyone who is having doubts that your day will ever come just trust in him and his timing is much more perfect than anything I could ever imagine!

On another note-somehow my pants seem to fit me in the morning but in the afternoon they are so tight. I feel like Ive gained about 10 lbs each afternoon. I guess this is normal?? For maternity clothes, anyone have a good store they chose over another?


Mandy Jo said...

Hey!! Love the new blog!:) Can't wait to follow you guys on your awesome journey!!

Rosie said...

God works in mysterious ways!
I went online at Old Navy and ordered some clothes on sale. They have practical stuff there. Went to Motherhood maternity yesterday and didn't see anything I liked other than a bella band. I too can fit into my clothes but they get tight b/c i get bloated by the end of the day so that's why i ordered the band!

Chrissy said...

I had the same issue during early pregnancy. The bloat by the end of the day made it so hard to button my pants. Around 10-12 weeks the bloat went down and I was smaller than I had been at 8 weeks. So weird.

I liked Motherhood Maternity because their clothes fit me well and held up great in the wash. They are always running good sales too. I shopped at Loft Maternity online a lot too because I knew their sizing well and they had good work clothes.

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