First BIG Purchase

Well we ordered the first BIG baby product and we got it in today. We got a JVC Everio G all for a grand total after everything of $5...yes $5! Retail on it is $379 so a big difference. Now we have a video camera for our baby..yeah! we got this particular one because we have an Mac (Apple) and it seems to work well with it and some cameras dont so well definitely give it a test and see if it holds true.

I also broke down and bought a pair of maternity jeans from Mother.hood Mater.nity and they are absolutely the most comfortable things I have ever put on my talk about comfort! My khakis and dress pants still fit me but Im sure by Christmas Ill be making a repeat trip. Our trip was wonderful and the sales rep was absolutely the most kind helpful person I have seen in a LONG time! We both felt so at ease and she answered any questions as well.

Next purchase maybe a doppler-for anyone who has had one is it worth it?

Last-I still havent told my students yet and not sure when I will tell them, probably after Thanksgiving and Ill be in my 2nd tri. We have this week and next week and then its Thanksgiving break I cant wait! 7 more school days and counting!

Tomorrow we get to see our baby cant wait!


Blessed said...

ok u have to tell us how you got it for 5 bucks!!!!!!!!1

Matt and Jenny said...

let me know how you like it b/c that's the one we've been looking at!

Angie said...

I have the same video camera, and a Mac....and I love them! They work beautifully together. I think you'll be happy!

We have a Mother.hood Mater.nity outlet near us and I have to say I always had the greatest, and most helpful sales reps. LOVED their jeans too---I only kept a few of my maternity things and my MM jeans and jean skirt made the short list. :)

Can't wait to hear about tomorrow. How exciting!

Kathryn and Kevin said...

Wow, you're almost out of your 1st trimester! Do you get a whole week off at Thanksgiving?

Onna said...

YAY for such a nice purchase :) LOVE IT!
It's so awesome to buy maternity clothes and be more comfortable, right?

I rented a doppler from baby beat. I would recommend it, especially if you are a worry wart like myself. I loved having it. I rented it until I could feel regular movement. Money well spent IMHO!

Allison said...

Whoa! $5??? Thats awesome! Comfort is everything whether you are pregnant or not :) So glad you found something that you liked!

Also, I have a friend (Jess at who used to read your blog until you went "private" and would like to continue to read. I dont know if you really went private or if it just says that because you switched to a new site but I wanted your permission before passing along your new blog address :) Please let me know when you can - I know she'd love to catch up on your life! :)

Andrea said...

Um... tell us more about how you scored it for 5 bucks!!!!! Please :)

I did rent a doppler the first time around from babybeat. I rented for 3 months... I think I got mine at 9 weeks and heart the HB right away. I didn't have any other real symptoms (read: no morning sickness) so I had a tough time believing I was actually pregnant. I listened at least oncea a day :) Would totally recommend it!

carriebojo said...

email me:
i have some maternity clothes i could send you!

and do share how you bought the camera for $5.

Kami said...

We want a recorder too. How did you get it for $5.00? Let me in on the secret!!!

The second trimester is almost here!! Whooo hoo!!


Dianne said...

Wow 5 bucks?? Dang I just bought my camera!!!

Rosie said...

Like everyone else, I need to know the secret to getting a $5 camera! And congrats on finding some maternity clothes. I've only bought from Old Navy b/c the MM store here has terrible selection and even worse service.

Breen said...

Yes I'm a deal seeker and need to know how you got the $5 camera. Aren't Mother.hood jeans comfy. I love them. Can't wait till I get to buy them again :)

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