Baby Growing strong!

Baby is growing strong! Today was absolutely beyond miraclous and has truly shown me what a miracle this baby is. The baby's hb is 160 and she measured again (just for fun) and it was 164. Im measuring 3 days ahead at 11w5d. We were told we have a wild child since the baby was trying to run from the part that catches the hb, it was rather funny I must admit-a wild child at 11weeks, I cant imagine what it will be like when it starts moving and I get to see it. I seriously could have watched it all day it was just AMAZING. I couldnt believe how much the baby was already moving. I dont think I was really expecting it to be moving and so quickly already...WOW!

Our next appt is Dec. 21 (we will be out for the holidays then) and we get to find out whether we will be buying pink or blue I absolutely cant wait. Its just so miraculous to see this little baby that has been formed in my belly by God. I just cant believe it.

Afterwards we went by Babies R Us I think for maybe like our 3rd trip this week..haha! We looked at strollers and just everything. I think we have finally come up with which one we want I cant wait to actually buy it, but it will probably be after the first of the year.

For the $5 camcorder....
We have an Ame.rican card that we have had for quite some time that we have to pay off each month (cant carry a balance). Well we have wracked up points to get the camera (& still have lots more left) and decided what better way to use them but to buy a video camera. Well we had to actually buy it through De.ll (in order to use the points) and well long story short they screwed up and we didn't have to use any points at all due to their screw up. So it really was $5 because we got extra stuff. So now we have the points and the camcorder to use on something else. It really is a great thing with the card because you get free stuff for things you would pay for anyway so it does add up quickly. I mean how could you resist free stuff? I must say though you do have to be disciplined in order to do it because you cant carry a balance.

Last but not least Saturday is the big game in Starkville, MS (MSU vs. Alabama). They always have a close game no matter how bad we have been so hopefully it will be the same. Ill hope for a win but not thinking its very likely.


Megan said...

Looky there!! So cool!! =D Can't wait to find out what you're having! =)

And that's awesome how you were able to get the video camera!! Very cool!!

Angie said...

What a great shot from the ultrasound! I bet the next few weeks will fly by with the holidays coming up---

What stroller did you decide on...?

We have gotten so many fun, but pricey items from our Amex points too!

Anonymous said...

the baby looks great - such a great pic. It must be so exciting to look forward to the next one.

Dana said...

I love that u/s pic!! What a great pic of ur precious child!!! We will find out the gender around the same time..and I can't wait. We haven't been by BRU yet and I am so ready to go and look at all the goodies :D

Caroline said...

What a great picture of the baby! So cute!

Leah said...

So glad your baby is doing well. Such wonderful news. :-D

Rosie said...

You are on "cloud 9", I can just tell! What a fast heartbeat! Maybe it's a boy??? Can't wait to find out.

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