Telling my students...

Just for a catch up for anyone who has just tuned in-I teach Sc.hool students and I waited until this week to tell them.

How it all happened...
So my student (remember the one that constantly asked me all the time?!) Well the other day (Tuesday) she kept on saying I just know you are pg, just know it. I said "I have a secret to share with you" I dont think Ive had kids pay so close to attention to every detail of what I said. I said yes you are right I am pg. The room got really quiet and I heard "no way, you are joking" I said nope Im not. Then the questions started rolling in
1) How far are you? I tell them 3 months and I thought I was going to literally have to pick their mouths off the floor. "You mean you have known and havent told us?" Yep
2) Have you been throwing up? Nope (They seem to think at first it happened first then after I said that they said oh I guess that happens at the end-I cleared that up quickly)
3) Do you feel differently
4) Once they figured out the due date-oh so are you going to be here in May or will we have a sub. No Clue we will see
5) How did you keep a straight face not to tell us?
6) Everyone has been talking about you and how several people thought you were pg but we couldnt ask and then be wrong
7) Can we babysit for you (I couldnt count the times Ive been asked this!)
8) Can we have a baby shower for you (please, pretty please..haha)
9) What are you having (when I said not sure oh when will you find out)
10) Will you name your child after me and (friend in the class) since we are such good kids.

These are the main questions, seems like there has been more but now my brain seems to draw a blank.

In other news-I have had 3 baby showers in 2 week! Good gosh I dont think Ive ever had so many

Our neighbor had her child today so excited for them, they had a little boy!

Last, one of the girls I work with ended up being put on bedrest today and I found out today from her sister who also works at the school that if she doesnt have the baby by Tuesday then she will have her then. Im so excited for her and her husband!


Allison said...

:) Yayyy!!! Now you wont have to keep it a secret anymore! :) I am just so excited for you! Seems like you are going to have a great class taking care of you during the school days :)

twondra said...

That's cute how the students reacted. :)

Chrissy said...

What a fun day. :)

Sadly many of those questions are the same ones my college students asked. I guess they don't get much smarter in 4 years. LOL!

Leah said...

How fun that your students now know! YAY!

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

I love their responses!! Too funny. :)

Rosie said...

Their responses were funny. I'm glad it went well.

Dianne said...

Wow kids are so funny!

So cool that they all know now!

Dana said...

Wasn't it cool to tell them? I remember my kids were the same way! I think Trevor had a 23 word name (all of the kids in my class at the time) :). Kids the age we teach are so great!!

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