Gifts for Baby Morgan

bottles, sippy cups and a bottle scrubber from my cousin
bathtub and base for carseat from my cousin
carseat and stroller from my cousin
other grandmother goodie bag with lots of toys and essentials
grandmother & great grandmother gifts (3-6 mths)
grandmother & aunt gifts (0-3 months)
aunt & uncle gifts-piggy bank & a blanket so soft!
Mommy & daddy buys-thanks to Kohls cash:)

Ill post a picture of her furniture, bedding and playyard we got as well soon:) Registering is over and so much fun we registered for 129 items.. that totaled $!


Dana said...

I am feeling VERY behind after seeing that y'all are done registering!!! We are going on Friday to finish up!!! Which play yard did y'all decide on??? I swear it is so overwhelming, but oh so much fun! I love all the things y'all got..u surely racked up!!!

Blessed said...

That is so much stuff! How exciting ! 'm gonna check out yoru registry and give any little tips :) But 129 is alot girl! LOL

Rosie said...

OMG! Just saw this post. You and that baby are so blessed. And I thought my little guy got a lot. It was NOTHING compared to you! lol. Little girls are so much fun to shop for. Brace yourself :)

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