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Here is a list of everything we have gotten for the nursery except the mattress that's pretty standard:) We really dont lack much except for all the little things.

Here is our registry that we did yesterday-I feel so clueless on all this stuff -like how many crib sheets & changing pad sheets do you register for?? Link to registry Let me know if the link doesnt work
Lady Bug set-so cute
Delta Crib
Delta Soho Dresser/changing table
Chicco Lullaby LX Playard Discovery


Blessed said...

Love the furniture!

Little registry tips :) Take em or leave em ( I know I Hated people telling me stuff LOL)

LOTS more hangers you probably already have a million clothes ( Target has the best cheapest hangers)

You will get a million receciving blankets so no need to even register! same with baby blankets

Love the shopping cart cover

The carrier...the chicco one...def if you want that kind of carrier go for the bjorn..more expensive so i found mine $150 new on craigslist for $10 i use it alot but the heavier she gets the better the ergo ( that I am borrowing ) iw ould try the ergo out its a lot less weight in the shoulders

also love the moby btu it can be a pain and mine stretches out so i would say the ergo

register for a couple different pacifier brands. Baby may not like a certain one...Faith only will take a MAM and we bought all soothies

the clothe diapers are awesome for burp rags!

ok thats my 2 cents :)

Baby Wanted said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the bedding set and furniture! I'm so excited for you guys!

Here is my 2 cents:
*I prefer pampers. I've nannied for years and huggies always leaked on me! :(

The things you ordered are adorable. I love all the girlie stuff! I didn't see the stroller/car seat you are planing to buy tho.

Rosie said...

I love the furniture! I had that picked out if we were having a girl. Can't give you any more tips on registry stuff than I've already told you though b/c I haven't found out what works or not :)

Chrissy said...

You know I love the bedding. :) The furniture looks great!

I agree with the above poster that Huggies suck! I've heard that from so many other people as well.

I think your registry looks great!

I never used the sheet savers because they say no loose stuff in the crib, well isn't that loose? I never quite understood that.

We have always had 2 bed sheets and 2 changing pads and it has done us well. A few times early on both changing pads have been yucky and we've had to throw a water proof pad over the top for short-term use. But overall I think 2 is a good number.

I didn't see any sleep sacks on there so think about if you might use them. Addison has slept in one every nigth since she was born, still does at 9 months old. Actually, until about 3 months she was in a swaddler, and then switched to the sacks.

Chrissy said...

Another thing I liked, the mesh bumper pads. I was too nervous to use the thick puffy one the bedding set comes with so have always used mesh pink ones. At a year I'm going to switch over to the cute puffy one.

Chrissy said...

Sorry, I keep thinking of stuff. LOL Whatever you don't get for her room as gifts, search the internet for a good price. I cannot remember the website right now, but we bought all the accessories for Addison's room at about 60% of the cost it would have been at BRU.

Katie said...

Beware of the mini-novel here! :)

I agree about the Huggies. There's a reason why you can find so many coupons for them. At the very least, I wouldn't trust them for overnight use. Go with Pampers and maybe Luvs for overnight. You can find a good deal of Pampers coupons, too, that will make them comparable in price. Even Target's store-brand diapers seem to work better for us than Huggies.

We have three sets of sheets for DD's crib--the ones that came with the set and two others that ended up looking nearly identical. (They're all green with white polka dots; the extra sheets have dots that are just a tiny bit bigger.) And we have two changing pad covers. To extend their use, we use sheet savers on top of them. You could also use cloth diapers folded over or disposable changing pads.

The Bjorn has been good to us, but you can't really use it until your baby hits 8 pounds. And it's a good idea to wait until she can decently hold her head up.

Gerber onesies are fine, but they tend to run small. Keep that in mind. At 7 months, DD could hardly wear a 6-9-month Gerber onesie anymore, and she's not a big girl.

I'd hold off on the faster-flow nipples until you know for sure whether or not BFing works out. DD never went above a 2 (slow flow) before we switched her to sippies. If you're having to pump and give milk in a bottle while you're away from her, she may get used to a fast nipple and not want the breast.

We've never used gripe water. :) And we only used one bottle of Dreft. If you like the smell, go for it. But All Free and Clear works just as well for us and it's a LOT cheaper. Then again, DD has no allergies or sensitive-skin issues.

I love the ladybug motif and the crib. One of DD's earliest favorite toys was a stuffed ladybug on her floor gym. So I think you all made a good choice.

Whatever you don't get off your registry, look for it on Craigslist. We found a lot of good deals that way.

Joy said...

Love the Ladybugs. I love my monitor it is portable and I actually hear her breath which I love.

I second the hangers. I hang up EVERY thing. I also got fabric draw organizers from Ikea that I could not live without. The baby stuff is so small it keeps the socks with the socks and so on.

I have wondered about your pregnancy the past couple of weeks I am elated to know that you are doing so well.

Angie said...

Like someone else mentioned---you can take my thoughts or leave 'em. Every baby is this is what worked for me and Coop.

1. As for diapers. Huggies did not work for us when Cooper was small. I used Pampers Swaddlers when he was a newborn. Now we can use Huggies, Pampers, etc. without any leaks. Oh, and I use nighttime diapers for him---he will soak through a diaper at night so that saves me from having to do sheets every day.

2. As for sheets-- I have two cotton sets and two knit sets. I don't use the sheet savers in the crib (but I do on the changing table)---when I was searching for nighttime diapers I would put it under the sheet in the middle of the bed between the sheet and the waterproof mattress pad.

3. I can't really comment on pacifiers....Cooper never would take one.

4. I love the bedding, etc. you picked out! It's adorable.

5. Sleep sacks were a must with Cooper. He didn't like to be swaddled and I didn't want to leave a blanket in the crib with him when he was small. So we used the sleep sacks so that he would stay warm (and asleep) and I would be able to sleep.

6. We got receiving blankets out the wazoo....and typically not the ones we liked (and registered for).

7. Mittens-- I bought a few sets, and I could never find them when I needed to...I typically just used socks.

8. Something I got from a friend that I loved---a bag full of different sippy cups, plates, bowls, and utensils. Even one of those little mesh bags to put food into for Coop to munch on whole pieces of food safely when he was just starting out.

9. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Boudreaux's butt paste has taken care of any and every red spot or rash on Coop's bottom pronto!

10. As for the first aid kits, medicine kits--- I think the only thing I've used from that thing is the nail clippers, and I prefer nail scissors. I have had to use the the bulb/nose suction thing---but to be honest I got one in the hospital and I've always used that one. And anytime I've had to give medicine to Coop the pharmacy has always given the dropper, etc. to us.

11. Maybe I'm a bad momma, but I used Dreft once or twice and then I just switched to using our stuff because I didn't like the smell of it. It's store brand free and clear---he hasn't had any issues with it.

I really think your registry looks great...don't know if what I liked/used the most helps at all....such cute girly things!!

Blessed said...

oh yeah also target brand diaper ARE THE BEST! Seriously THE BEST we use them for overnights over pampers or huggies!

also i agree look for the best deal BRU is the most expensive

Dana said...

Love the crib and changing table! The lady bugs are adorable also!

Oh, I have learned that I can't live without-

-Our snugli carrier. Trevor loves to hang out there while I do things around the house. It is a LIFESAVER!

-Wipe Warmer. Trevor has a hissy fit when we use cold wipes on him. He is cool with his warm wipes though :)

-I love Pampers diapers. He seems to leak with Huggies.

-I love my Sara Bear diaper caddy, very handy!

-Gas drops! My friend got these for me for a shower gift, they were a lifesaver the first few days home, he really needed them!

I also noticed that you registered for a few changing pad covers...VERY smart! We only have one and I am constantly washing it, I need to get another soon!

Andrea said...

I can't believe so many mamas here dislike huggies. Laura is cloth diped by day and we use huggies overnights at night... we tried pampers when she was little and i couldn't stomach the SMELL! They smell like baby powder or something, but baby powder mixed with pee is not a nice smell... I do like that I can find huggies coupons all over the place and I'm able to pick up a pack of overnight diapers for $4/pack most of the time by watching sales/rebates/caregivers marketplace.

I agree with the mama about slow flow/fast flow nipples - Laura used stage 1 and stage 2 - and then onto sippy cups.

We have 4 sheets - we keep one in the pack-n-play so we always have one when we travel and there have been times we had all 3 sheets dirty in the house here... so 3 was a good number. I like to have 2 mattress waterproof pads...

Sleep sacks. God send!!! Get some! I do not care for the halo brand ones though - I dislike how they zip from the neck down.

cloth diapers (prefolds) will be SO useful... for many things. Get lots.

pacifiers - I agree - register for a few different brands.

Sorry, nothing original there, but just agreeing/disagreeing with other mamas...

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