Its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas....

Our tree is decorated, the garland is hung and its starting to look and feel a lot more like Christmas! 22 days and counting to Christmas and 18 more days till the big appointment to find out boy or girl I cant wait!

So in randomness since there is lots to say...
  • The other night was my first dream that I had that I can remember and it was cute weird. I dreamed that I was drowning in a river (muddy) and I had gotten to where I felt like I was about to die. Well I woke up screaming really loud HELP! Of course it scared Chad because he thought something was really wrong. Then when I finally did get up it was really raining how ironic or!
  • Then last night I had another dream which was even weirder. I dreamed that my little brother (22) and his gf (20) were pg and she was due 2 wks ahead of me. Well she found out she was having a girl and we found out we were having a boy and I was just shocked I couldnt believe it because I thought the doctor was wrong and she told us the wrong information, then I woke up and that was the end..haha!
  • I think my stomach has reached normalcy. I dont want to jinx myself but yesterday was the first time in a LONG time that I had NOTHING that affected my stomach which is a huge deal
  • Sunday I go to my 5th baby shower in one month. I feel like I live at Babies R Us with getting all the gifts we have gotten for friends and co-workers.
  • The other night when we did go to Babies R Us which seems to be our new hang out store..haha they had coupons for 15% off any item so for anyone who needs some baby stuff they probably have them at the local one by you as well.
  • The other day I got told by my pg student (she is 16) not to take my vitamins. Me being curious I said why in the world would you do that, that is idiotic. She said oh if you only take your vitamins half the time then you wont get as big. I just couldnt believe someone would say and actually do something so stupid. Why dont you care about the child that is inside of you instead of what you look like? It just really burned me up and this is someone who is keeping her child which I respect her opinion but I just couldnt imagine a kid at 16.
  • This past week I dont know what it was but Ive been told by several students about their home life (parents into very illegal drugs) and it just breaks my heart into a million pieces. If parents arent going to grow up and raise their kids then how will the kids ever make it?!
  • If you havent already put your guess in for Baby Wallace only 18 more days to do so to guess boy or girl!
I think thats all my randomness for today Ill try to post a picture of all our decorations sometime soon (before Christmas..haha!)


Dana said...

Love the new look on the blog! U are super talented!!!

Baby Wanted said...
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Baby Wanted said...

I can't find your email. Email me at

I have one coupon left and it is from 12/19-12/24/09 (those are the dates you can use it). You can shop online if you want (I'll email you the code) because they have free shipping or if you want, I can mail you the coupon. Let me know!

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