So for those who live up north and think that snow is not so cool, in the south its a rare occurance especially in Mis.sissip.pi where it snows like every 5 years but we got snow last night it was so exciting I didnt go to sleep till almost 11:30 I just wanted to stay up and stare at it all night..haha!Looking down the street we live on

Our backyard
This morning before it all melted-looking out our driveway
Brownie trying to figure out what this snow stuff is..haha!

Our 10.5 ft Christmas tree Chad talked me into (all the ornaments are maroon and silver and then we have 2 MSU balls since we are of course true MSU fans:)
our little table (Nativity candle is in the middle we have had it for years)

I posted a 14 wk belly picture that I took last week if anyone wants to see how much the baby has grown.

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Baby Wanted said...

I love snow...we are moving to CO and I can't wait to have a white Christmas!

Your home is very warm and inviting!

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