Baby Bump

Today was the first day ever that someone I did not know asked me "when are you due" I was at the local tax accessor's office renewing my tag after getting off school and the lady asked me and it blew me away. Of course I answered and she then says that her daughter is due in June and she was a teacher at a school in the same district (there is close to 30 schools in our district). Of course I had to look down at my little baby belly a few times and think wow has it grown enough that people can actually tell now...hmm I guess so. I must say its exciting a real baby bump:)

Today was the start back to school, I have one class that I hope doesnt put me into labor and 2 other classes tomorrow that will be new so hopefully they will be better:)

Oh and it snowed today-Im getting spoiled by all this snow! Already twice in December and once in January and it never snows. Supposedly its going to really snow on Thursday everyone is hoping for a snow day and we just went back..haha!

I still need to find a new layout maybe one day soon:)


Megan said...

yay!! how fun! =)

Leah said...

Yay for your baby bump! I'm so looking forward to the day I actually look pregnant, and not that I have a beer belly. A few more weeks I'm hoping. :-D

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