Well today Chad brought home a gift that included something for the baby-a swing! A coworker of his is done with her kids and wanted to give it to us. Well he brought it home and it was the exact same swing that I had picked out, what are the odds? I feel truly blessed to have such wonderful friends and family:)

The only big thing left to get is a monitor other than that its all things $50 or under.

A picture of the swing its the little lamb so soft
The nursery is definitely looking like a nursery now, we just have to paint and get the crib setup and it will be all ready for Morgan Elizabeth's arrival!

She is definitely growing a lot right now I feel like my stomach is just stretching out it feels so weird nothing like it really to describe it to.

There is talk tomorrow of our district closing due to snow well see if it happens, part of me wants a day off but if we do close we will have to go in February and I think I would rather have the day then but Ill take a day off wont complain too much.


Mandy @ The Party of 3 said...

Aww I love the swing!!! To awesome! Same here with snow and cold! They are thinking about closing school because its supposed to be -20 windchill! Us Okies aren't used to this!!

Baby Wanted said...

love the baby bump!

My best friend sent us that swing (it arrives tomorrow) and my mom bought us the bouncy chair and matching bassinet-I love this theme. The lamb is so sweet! :)

Caroline said...

I can imagine Morgan Elizabeth having a wonderful time in that swing!

Leah said...

Great swing! Isn't it so exciting getting baby stuff? It just makes it so much more real. This is such an exciting time in your lives. :-D

Rosie said...

I love that swing. It's very similar to the one I registered for. Ya'll are so ahead with things. It makes me feel like I'm not doing so great in that department! lol. I'm waiting on my showers though before we go and start buying everything we need. Can's wait to see pics of the nursery.

Onna said...

That's so sweet that you got the swing :) Awesome! Sydney LOVED her swing.

I also love that someone asked you. It makes it sooo real doesn't it?

We want more bump pics - just sayin!

Dana said...

I love the swing! Trevor loves his swing, he is swinging away in it right now.

Ohhh, the nursery! You will have to show pics, can't wait to see it!!

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