How a Year Changes things...

Happy New Year to everyone a little belated:)

I sit back and think about how a year has changed our lives for the better. Last year during the holidays I really thought that I would never knew what it would be like to be a mommy and God had a much more amazing journey than I could have ever imagined.

Last December I finally got tired of the OB/GYN I was seeing and decided to call a RE. We got an appointment which ended up being on my birthday. Lots of tests and all but it all resulted in a + by September.

We really had given up on the idea of having one of our own and had thought that God was calling us to adopt. We started the adoption paperwork in late May with Bethany and then after frustrations we went with Christian Ad.option. We got several different emails/calls from CA and also from friends that knew people. Well in August we found a teenager that found out she was pg with twins and wanted us to adopt them. we were on cloud 9 only for it to end very suddenly. We were heartbroken and didnt know where our road would go from there but God knew exactly where that road would lead to.

Almost a month later we went to nashville and I had weird symptoms but never thought anything about it because I couldnt possibly be pg. Well that Tuesday I still had not gotten AF and was wondering what was up with my body and I was going to boot camp that day that our school did and thought what the heck Ill test just to make sure but just knew it would be - and got the biggest shock of my life.

Now as I sit here at 19 weeks I think of what a perfect plan God had for us but I was so impatient for a baby that I didnt want to wait for his plan I wanted my plan. Im glad to know that God is in control and not me. Everyone keeps telling me what perfect timing for the baby since me being a teacher school ends on May 24 and my EDD is May 29, yes perfect his plan is.

This year will bring the joy of a miracle to our life that last year at this time I never thought would be possible but with God anything is possible. I cant wait for May to be here and meet our precious daughter, Morgan Elizabeth!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful start to the New Year, we started out the New Year in Nashville our home away from home but realize that it will be a while until we head back there.


twondra said...

What a nice recap of the year. Thanks for sharing!!

Nerida said...

I got chills reading your recap Amber. 2010 is going to be a truly blessed year for you both with the arrival of your little miracle. May God continue to bless you all.

Rosie said...

Happy New Year it is! 2010 will be great for us :)

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