Time is coming to the near and its time to start buying a few things and Im wondering if you ladies have some recommendations on two things

1) Carrier-sling/wrap/infant carrier (such as Baby Bjorn)
2) diaper bag

So I would love to hear your opinions on one or both things. Would love to hear name brands and what you like or hate about it. Pictures are always welcome too:)

Thanks for any recommendations! I look forward to hearing everyone's advice


Rosie said...

Hey girl! FYI: baby slings have been recalled recently b/c they choke infants.

As far as diaper bags, I got mine from Dillards b/c it's way cute but I also got a couple others. One from Burlington & a personalized tote. I think it's just personal preference on those. As long as it had a changing pad & lots of pockets, I'm happy!

Andrea said...

Yes, it's true - one type of baby slings has been recalled. However, that is only one type and there are so many (too many!) to choose from... we have an Ergo - love that the support comes from the hips - very comfy. We have a Mei Tai (sp?) - it's so -so for me... hard for me to get baby into and out of unless I'm at home - so I'm curious how it'll work when I'm trying to put it on in a parking lot to do grocery shopping. We also have a sling type one (NOT the recalled ones) and I tried it with Laura - she hated it. Haven't even gotten it out for Carson.

Diaper bag - go with something you will enjoy looking at and carrying! I got a plain black bag the firts time around - hate it now. Too boring! Also, black inside is so hard to find things. I now have a nice purple bag from the luggage department at Kohl's - LOVE IT! :)

Dana said...

We have a Jeep 2 in 1 Carrier and I love it! It isn't a sling, but I can still carry Trevor in it now with him being 14 lbs! He loves to face outward and check everything out, it is a really good way to 'hold' him while getting stuff done! It is also super comfy, lots of padding on the shoulders!

We have a Columbia diaper bag from BRU and I really like it. It has an insulated pocket for bottles that is really handy if you are going to be out for a while.

Jen said...

I have a couple of carriers that I love. My favorite for when they are tiny is the Moby Wrap. If you don't want to do that much wrapping you can get a Baby K'tan. Same idea, just no wrapping. Although I really didn't find wrapping to be that big of a deal since you wrap it all first and then add the baby. It is great for newborns because it is stretchy and they can be up and down on your chest which all of my kids loved.

Once they got closer to a month old and were awake more I loved my mei tai.

Then once they get over about 15lbs I loved borrowing my friends Beco Butterfly. I think I will buy a new Beco for my next baby and start using it around a month old.

Diaper bags all depends on what you type of bag you like to carry. I hate carrying bags so I always try to have the smallest bag possible.

Henriettæ said...

For slings, we used a cloth sling (this one: for the first couple of months - it was perfect! After that we've used an Ergo (model Sport), which we've been very happy with!

As for diaper bags, I have no real suggestion. We use a separate diaper bag (that only fits diapers; a SkipHop Pronto), and a Skip Hop saddle bag for the food part. However, with smaller babies it's more convenient with one single bag. We had one that had one compartment for the parents as well, which we liked. You could put a book, a note book and some personal belonings in there and not get it mixed up with the baby stuff. It was called Lässig and was German, so I doubt you can find it in the US.

Katie said...

For our main diaper bag, I got a green Eddie Bauer one off Craigslist for about $15. Still had the original tags on it. I wanted something that didn't look too girly so that DH would be OK with carrying it around. It's suited our needs pretty well. Someone got us a smaller Baby Sac, which I didn't think we'd need at first. It ended up coming in handy when we travel (using it for excursions when we're out and about while on the road and then having an overnight bag for her other stuff). It is pink-lined, though, so DH won't carry it unless it's very obvious that C is with us! :)

As for baby carriers...we've used the Bjorn and liked it OK. I did end up getting one of the recalled slings, but even if it hadn't been recalled, I wouldn't have used it again. I'd like to try an Ergo or a ring sling next time.

Aly said...

Yes, please don't buy into "all slings are unsafe" mindset that some people have these days. One company recalled it's slings. One thing I have found about having a baby, if recalls come pretty much every day. My stroller was recalled a few months ago, but I am pretty sure not all strollers are unsafe. :)

I used a hotsling and I LOVED IT! Don't buy one from a local store because they come in sizes small, medium, and large, and they NEVER fit properly. Order one from their website. They have a great sale section and make sure you measure yourself to get the correct size. I used this sling until he was about 6 months old. I wore him everywhere. I am pretty sure we never even used our stroller until then. After the hotsling became uncomfortable, I switched to a Bjorn. Bjorns are expensive, but if you wear your baby alot like I did, it will be WELL worth the money. I just stopped wearing him everywhere a few months ago when he was 11 months and became to heavy.

As for diaper bags, I have no real advice. I will just tell you what we have. I have a Vera Bradley Baby Bag and really like it. We also have a more compact DadGear bag that we carry on trips or to places where my husband doesn't want to carry my big floral bag. HAHA. I LOVE the DadGear bag. It is all about functionality with no frills. Which is nice sometimes when your sick of digging around in the bottom of your bag for 20 mins to find that paci that keeps rolling around away from you.

I hope this helps! Your getting so close!!

Jill said...

I have two carriers but they aren't the sling kind. It was too complicated for me to figure out. I have a baby hawk mei tai carrier which is great. And I also have a sleepy wrap which is easy to use and is comfy.

Diaper bag I have a peutnia picklebottom bag.

Dana said...

Diaper bag - as one of the other girls mentioned, it's all about personal preference. Look for one that has lots of pockets and you and Chad will both carry around and you should be good to go. :)

As for baby carriers, we have a few different ones. Two mei-tei's which I hardly ever use since the straps are so long and I find it a pain to use when just out and about. I have brought them camping to go on longer hikes and I liked it for that. I also have a ring sling, which I used a fair amount with Xavier but not much with Shaela. I found it hard to adjust to a comfy enough position for me and baby. With Shaela, I finally got a pouch sling and LOVED it! Small enough to fold into the diaper bag without taking up a ton of space, super easy to use and you don't have to fight with any rings/ties, etc. The only downside is that it has to be fitted to the person wearing it, so you and Chad wouldn't be able to share, like you can with a ring sling. If you're able to, find a babywearing group in your community and go see if you can try a few different carriers on before you buy one. Everyone has different things that they're looking for in a carrier and what one person loves, you might not care about/find comfortable, etc. Good luck deciding!!!!

Chrissy said...

I loved the Moby for when Addison was little and have a Didymos now that she is heavier. The Moby is very stretchy and soft, perfect for newborns. I never liked using the sling and Addison was never happy in it. She liked being in a more upright position (probably because of her reflux) and the Moby let us do that.

I am not a flashy, "cutsie" purse kind of girl so for me a plain blue backpack is my kind of diaper bag. Easy to carry, inexpensive, and lots of pockets! We send this bag to daycare though . It has a ton of space and fits all the crap I want her to have while she is there.

aetrom said...

we use the peanutshell as infant and once they can sit on your hip. I did NOT like it in between. I also like the babybjorn BUT I didn't like that you couldn't use it a very long time. as far as suffocation, with most pouch slings they suggest rolling up a recieving blanket to help keep baby from slouching. that sling that was recalled was too "fancy" I think, slings should be simple! not too much extra padding, etc.

diaper bags. throughout both kids I searched and searched for one I really liked. in the end I discovered that my favorite bag was more like a carry on... something like this but not so expensive. it has been durable, lots of space...

Anonymous said...

I love my Baby K'tan. I used it daily with my youngest. We also have 2 Ergos and our youngest will still happily ride in it. Our 3 yr old could still fit in it but he would rather walk now.

Just Believing said...

moby for the beginning then an ergo for sure!! dont waste money on bjorn once baby weighs more than 10 lbs it kills your back!

diaper bag

skip hop studio tote! the best and it doesnt look like a baby diaper bag!

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