32 weeks-Uncomfortable settling in...

First of all Happy Easter to everyone!
This week has made me realize just how much one week can truly change in pregnancy. Last week I was at a point of a little uncomfortable and this week oh my has it changed. I feel like sitting down straight up and bending over to get anything off the ground is a near impossible task. Im not sure how much bigger I can get but I know I still have a lot of time still left.

How Far Along:
32 weeks
Total Weight Gained/Loss: gain 25.0 lbs overall (+4.4 lbs this week)-good gosh I gained a ton this week. I saw in the baby update that she gained almost a pound. I thought I could do 30 lbs but now Im starting to doubt that one.
Best Moment of the Week: making it to April and realizing that she will be here next month!
Movement: she is one pretty active little girl and loves to kick at night
Food Craving: apples
Food aversions: nothing
Morning sickness: none (just heartburn that makes me a little nauseous at times)
Gender: a GIRL-Morgan Elizabeth
Labor Signs: several Braxton hicks contractions -they are becoming a lot more regular now
Belly Button: in (its starting to close up now)
What I miss: not being able to sleep-oh how I miss it lots
What I'm looking forward to: 3rd baby shower on Saturday
Weekly Wisdom: Jesus said, "let us fix our eyes on Jesus the author and perfector of our faith." Hebrews 12:2
Milestones: getting to the really incomfortable stage just means she will be here soon-I cant wait to meet her next month!


Rosie said...

Just take it easy sweetie b/c it only gets worse before it gets better. Soon you will be holding that baby girl! Happy Easter!

Nerida said...

You're looking great Amber. Take it easy and do only what you can manage. Get lots of rest. Morgan will be here soon. Happy Easter.

Mommy Becoming said...

Whoo girl! I'm with you on the feeling more uncomfortable thing. It's neat being due the same day because I know I'm not alone in my aches and pains! Hope Morgan gives you an easy week.

Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

Your looking super cute:) and I hear you on the feeling uncomfortable.lol

She'll be here before you know it.. Can't wait!! Can't wait till mine gets here too of course;)

I'm ready.. I'm sure time is going to fly by for both of us!!!

Have a Great week!!


Dana said...

You look great Amber! I remember when I was about as far along as you are I was SO uncomfortable. But it really goes away quickly, I couldn't believe how fast I felt better after Trevor arrived!

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