What a difference....

a week truly makes!

So this week I think Miss Morgan has grown sooo much! I feel like she is sooo much heavier than she was even just a week ago and I know she is only going to get a lot bigger. I can feel her so much more she kicks so much harder. Oh and my feet have officially disappeared and I cant seem to find them..haha

So a few points
-I had my first real contraction yesterday and it HURT I didnt think it would be that painful. It lasted for about 3-4 minutes and I propped my feet up and just sat and it ended up going away. Of course the pain was nothing compared to a kidney stone but more painful than I thought.
-Monday we got a call from the adoption place (we went through classes last summer for anyone who has been around a while) but we kind of wrote it off and honestly never heard anything back (it was from the st.ate). Well we got a call asking us if we were ready to take a infant and they needed placement ASAP. Of course we had to turn it down with the baby on the way but I honestly didnt think we would really hear from them.
-The lady from the hospital we are delivering from called and we have to fill out a few more things of paperwork for our pre-registration and we are done (just get to wait for Morgan to pick her time)
-I feel like our schedule is fixing to get nice and crazy
-March 6: parenting class with church
-March 11: doctors appt.
-March 15-19: Spring Break (complete nursery)
-March 16: 4-d ultrasound appointment
-March 22: first birthing class
-March 27: church shower
-March 29: 2nd birthing class
we will have another doctors appt probably around March 25 since we will start going every 2 weeks now
Thats all I can think of right now but seems like I am missing something
-It seems like life is getting busier and busier and I cant wait for May to get here!
-I am so addicted to etsy.com oh my I could spend way too much time on that site.


Dana said...

I hear ya, it does seem like all of a sudden things are getting super busy!!! And don't you hear that loud ticking of the clock like we are already behind!! I know we will get it all done in time for our precious ones to get here!!! I just keep telling myself to slow down so I can enjoy this pregnancy before it is over. And oh my about the contractions, I would have freaked out. I freak out about round ligament pains!!! HAHA! I am in for a rude awakening when I actually feel contractions.

Just Believing said...

wow thats crazy about the phone call for placement!!!! you can refer us :) were ready for #2 :)

lad to hear morgan is growing and doing great!!!!

Rosie said...

I always hear about adoptions finally working after you get pregnant. Strange how that works huh? You DO have a lot going on coming up. Sounds like our schedule. Again...I feel like we're having the same pregnancy. lol. Minus the contractions. OUCH! I'm sorry :( And I have really got to get on this Etsy bandwagon. I always forget about it.

Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

I hear you on the staying busy. Its seems like there's always somthing that needs to be done.lol

Hope those contractions stay away for a while, that would make me a little nervous. My belly/baby has has been growing a good bit too. I'm already feeling uncomfortable.. and thinking to myself-(Oh Man this baby's gonna get alot bigger before June!).LOL

Glad to hear you and baby are both doing well. Can't wait to see your 4D ultrasound pics. I have mine scheduled for March 29th:)

take care,

Onna said...

Right now it about the time for things to get a little nuts :) It's a good crazy though ;)

Etsy is sooo addictive. I spent way too much time and $$ on there. Enjoy it though, so many cute things.

Hope you are feeling well.

Dana said...

I love etsy too! Such cute things!

Enjoy this time before Morgan gets here...after her arrival it gets REALLY crazy!!

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