Breastfeeding Class

Last night we went to the last class which was the breastfeeding class and just a few notes that I learned. I plan on doing it until I go back to work but just dont see it feasible once I go back to school and wont have a free moment until the end of the day due to classes.
  • they have two different positions (football and cradle) that are most common
  • if you breastfeed the baby has a lot more dirty diapers than a baby getting formula
  • I wont ever sleep (or thats how I kind of feel if the baby feeds every 1-3 hrs and can feed 30 min to an hour)
  • dont give a baby that is breastfeeding a bottle or your supply will go down
  • dont give a baby a pacifier for the first month or the baby will have a hard time getting adjusted and might have difficulties
  • dont pump for the first month or you might overproduce
  • make sure the baby is latched on correctly and the baby is turned body towards you.
In the other class I learned several different things but one thing that has really stuck with me that I had no clue of is for a baby under 6 months don't do the ear thermometer or temporal thermometer because it doesn't give as accurate of results as the under the arm or rectal method until they are 6 months or older.

Any other thoughts on breastfeeding or general baby feel free to share I'm always open.

Below is the 9th OB appointment if anyone is interested from yesterday


Katie said...

About BFing when you go back to work--I can understand not having time in your day to pump. But you could always "combo feed"--do formula during the day while you're at work and BF the other times. You would have to get Morgan weaned to a bottle for a few feedings, but it can be done. You might want to consult with a lactation consultant to get advice on how to do this effectively if you choose.

Once Morgan gets the hang of BFing, it'll actually be less time-consuming to nurse her at night than to full-time formula-feed. Fewer bottles to prep and wash.

Jen said...

I can't believe you are getting so close!

Just a few things from experience

- The whole no pacifier thing really isn't that big of a deal. All my kids had paci's early on (Ryan especially with being in the NICU and not breastfeeding for 4 days) and none of them had any trouble latching on.

- Don't think that you have to completely give up breastfeeding when you go back to work. Once your supply is established many moms can drop down to nursing when they are around their baby and just supplementing with formula when the baby is at daycare. Your body will adjust.

- As for the temporal thermometer ask the ped at your first appointment. Mine still recommends the temporal thermometer and to follow it up with under the arm if you get a high reading.

Katie said...

Oh, and about the dirty diapers...true, BF babies do have more dirty diapers but tend to have fewer issues with constipation and gas (breast-milk poop is VERY runny). And BM poop doesn't smell quite as strong.

You'll sleep, don't worry. You'll just have to change HOW you sleep for a while (lots of catnapping). You may feel like a zombie, but just let everything else go that you can. It 'll feel like forever, but take heart--C started dropping her 1st overnight feeding just after she turned a month old and was consistently dropping it a month later. And she was exclusively breastfed. So I was getting to sleep until 4-5 am and then getting back to sleep for a while once she was done.

Dana said...

I have already forgotten everything I learned from my breastfeeding class..hehe I guess I need to get out my folder of information!! My philosophy on bf is if you can do it and if you can't no worries :D Oh and the group strep test is just a test to see if you have the bacteria and if you do they will make sure and give u antibiotics during delivery so the baby won't get it. I didn't have it, but I hear it is very common. Almost there girly!!!

Sarah'sSmile said...

~be prepared to have several nurses touch your breasts if you or the baby is having problems. All modesty goes out the window.

~if you can't BF it is OK! Morgan will do fine on formula! And it may even make for a happier momma (I know this from experience).

Andrea said...

First, I have to say all the things you bulleted are guidelines, not written in stone.

You will sleep - just differently. Laura was up at 10pm, 1am, 5am pretty consistently...but I was still able to function (most days) just fine. Your body adjusts. Carson is awesome - he's eats at 9pm and around 3am! And I'm only out of bed for 15 minutes. He's done this since the first week we brought him home. So much nicer!

You just never know how your baby will be.
Some babies have a high need for sucking - if they do - you'll want to give that pacifier! Believe me! We're having the opposite problem - Carson doesn't need/want a pacifier - and now I can't get him to take a bottle either - and i have to go back to work in 2 weeks.

You may want to pump in the first weeks while your milk is coming in - sometimes you get so full that baby can't get their mouth around the nipple and you need to pump off an ounce or 2 to make it soft enough for her to get in her mouth.

Neither of my babies like eating if they are rolled facing me - my babes both prefer to lie on their backs, arms on their bellies/chest and turn their heads... they prefer not to have their arm tucked behind my back. strange kids. will be the best resourse if you need quick answers! Also, find out if the peds office you plan to use has a lactation consultant on staff...she may turn out to be your best friend. I had the home and personal cell numbers to our LC and i did call - and I was in that office every week, sometimes twice a week for a month trying to get Laura latched on.

And remember - just because it's natural, doesn't mean it's easy. It is a wonderful bonding experience though :) Good luck!

Baker said...

oh the breast feeding stories!!! You can get all the advice in the world but until you give it a whirl you'll not know how it will go for you.
I gave it a try both times and both times it made me a crazy woman. I had pretty bad postpartum w/ both babies and once I quit breast feeding it got much better. Esp. the first time around.
All you can do is try. Just know that Morgan will be ok either way. And so will you. :)
Good luck with whichever you decide.

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