9th OB Appointment

Yesterday we went for our 9th OB Appointment (34 weeks) and it was one of those very basic runthroughs but we waited forever it seemed like (1 hr 30 min to be exact). Guess we were spoiled by last time when we were in and out in 30 minutes, thats my kind of doctors appointment!

Morgan is measuring right on target and I found out I have yet another UTI which she said is obviously pretty common in pregnancy especially this late because your body is opening and getting ready for the arrival of your baby. I had to take a special urine test and they will get the results back sometime next week to see if she wants to change my medicine (been on medicine to treat it very early on).

Next appointment will be the last time we get to see her before we meet her little face in person on the sonogram. She wants to check her position and how much she weighs and Ill be almost 37 weeks (full term) at that point. I also get to do the Group B strep test (not really sure what that is but sounds important)

Up next Breastfeeding class notes...

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