3 weeks

Well our little girl is now 3 weeks old, 1 day. I really cant believe how fast time is flying by. I mean yes everyone tells you it flys by but you dont realize it until its your own I guess.

Week 3 Photos
Lots of new pictures and some included other people like grandma, grandpa, great grandpa, and even mom and dad :)

Morgan and her little world at 3 weeks....
  • smiles (she has gotten pretty good at this)
  • can turn her body around in her bassinet by kicking the side of it (its always fun to see how she will be turned in the morning when we wake up)
  • her sleep schedule at night revolves around 5-8 hrs of sleep, wakes up feeds 2X then goes to sleep for an additional 2-4 hrs and then wakes up for the day
  • her new love is for the pacifier, she will literally scream bloody murder sometimes if she doesnt have it in her mouth. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing..haha
  • her poop/pee diapers are becoming a lot more regular now which makes us 2 happy parents :)
  • she still has a little blocked tear duct but its getting better with the medicine
  • she now weighs 8 lbs (still 6 oz from her birth weight) as of yesterday when we went back to the pediatrician. We have to bring her back on Friday (4 wks) to see if hopefully she is up to her birth weight or not (mommy & daddy sure hope so!)
  • outings are not something that she enjoys very much but occasionally we do have to escape from the house on rare occassions
  • she loves kisses and just to be talked to. 
  • she loves to look around especially at the ceiling
  • she loves to breastfeed and is really taking to it well, my milk is fully in and sometimes I feel like I have too much milk for her..haha!


Mommy Becoming said...

She's so cute!!

Dana said...

You can tell she is growing already! What a doll!

Something I wished I would have done when my milk first came in was to pump the excess and freeze it to use later. It was espically hard once my milk supply adjusted for his demand, I never had enough for him. But pumping...it was the last thing I wanted to do since it felt like all he did was nurse anyway!

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