First Outing

Yesterday Morgan & I had our first outing all by ourselves. I must admit, its not nearly as easy to go out with a newborn especially by yourself but we survived :)

We had our 2nd trip to get her professional pictures made since at the first visit we ran out of time with her pediatrician appointment. When we first got there she was ok but then after a while she got a bit fussy but with the help of the pacifier we worked it out. We would give her the pacifier, take it out until she cried give it back then again and again. It worked and she was happy but we definitely wore her out for sure, poor little thing. I cant wait to see her pictures they should be back sometime next week.

While we were at the photographer, they had another lady who came in to her shop and asked me how old is your child. I said 2 weeks and she then replies did you give birth to her? I said yes of course and she said wow you sure couldnt tell you look fabulous. What a great compliment :)

One thing we have yet to figure out is the whole carseat issue-Im not sure if its the car seat or the car but with her little head not having enough neck control I have to load around her with a ton of blankets. Is there something that we are missing?? We even had the fire department install the car seat. Any tips please share :)

This was the picture Chad took of Morgan & I took after she got her belly full-such a sweet picture-love this little girl to pieces!

laying on daddy-still so alert after a long day. Her poor little acne is a little worst on the left side


Just Believing said...

"l I have to load around her with a ton of blankets. Is there something that we are missing?? We even had the fire department install the car seat. Any tips please share :)"

I know the fire dept here tells you not to use one of those extra inserts to help support the head to just use blankets but guess what? those inserts are exactly what a blanket is just a heck of a lot easier..i did the whole blanket thing for a while like the FD said but in the end we just used the insert ( not just the one that comes with the carseat but one that you purchase at BRU for like $14 or something) and it was soooo much better

nateandnikkibonham said...

Hey girl-
I was going to tell you that here at the NICU they have special inserts for the carseat that they install for us since preemie's heads are so much smaller...they are supposed to provide more support than just the standard inserts. I bet one of those might work for Morgan. I can ask where they get them, or you might be able to get one from Baptist or from your OB/pediatrician. I'll see what I can find out!

Rosie said...

Hey Amber!
I hardly have time to read these blogs but I HAD to comment on the carseat question. We had that issue w/gavin & our friend(a firefighter) told us that even though the seat leveler was leveled, our seat was not.He was sitting up too far instead of laying back in his car seat. So, we had to roll up a towel and put it under the base where it meets the back of the seat. If that makes sense? After looking in the brochure, it was actually a suggestion. So, I know it's safe. Let me know if you need a better explanation :)

Baker said...

Hey Amber, after toting 2 kids around and putting in 4 different car seats into 5 different cars I'm going to tell you my findings:

Babies have no neck control when they are that little, they are like little floppy dolls. They just can't hold their heads up. It's okay, it's not going to hurt them, promise! You can buy the support thingy's, they may help, they may not. We used blankets for both of ours. But, the blankets will not always stay and if you are in the car by yourself you'll notice they've fallen and you'll want to put them back, making for a very unsafe car trip!
When I had my second child after a few weeks of putting blankets I finally stopped b/c I was worrying more over if the blankets were still keeping her head up than if I was staying in between the yellow lines!

Anyway, it's okay for her head to fall over in her seat.

This probably helped you none?!
She is a cutie pie!!
I'm going to come see her Monday (pending everyone is better in our house by then!)

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