this is a picture of my grandad who is 91 (almost 92 in Oct) who has never held a newborn but somehow my mom tricked him. It will be a picture to keep forever!

So some things I have learned about my 18 days being a mother...
  • Mommy guilt is some crazy stuff. You can feel so guilty about the smallest thing and you always want your baby to not be hurting a bit (even if it is hiccups and it really isnt hurting still feel guilty)
  • I never knew that I could truly love someone so much and could love her more each and every day. 
  • The moment we met was truly amazing-I dont think there is any other feeling in the world like that-just pure bliss
  • I never knew I could love my husband more than I do-he has been amazing and Im so thankful that Morgan has a wonderful dad that cares about her so much. She already has him wrapped around her little finger.
  • There is a trial & error on seeing what works and what doesnt especially when she is crying but so far we seem to have gotten the clues so far for the most part.
  • Pictures are so addictive with having a baby its unreal. I love to take them all the time! I loved taking pictures before but now its an addiction :)
  • every baby is not the same and just because one of your friends tells you one thing worked for them doesnt mean it will work for you.
  • every time you seem to sit down to eat, the baby seems to magically wake up to eat. Maybe she smells the food right?!
  • The first night will be the most difficult thing but once you make it each day does get easier and you start to learn your baby more and more each day
  • no 2 labor & delivery is the same and Im so thankful. I had a super easy recovery from a c-section which is unheard of it seems like. The first 2 days were much, much pain but after that it was very minimal. I was good to go with doing things by the time we got home just about but of course I waited to make sure I was fully recovered. It did make taking caring of Morgan so much easier. I would recommend a c-section to anyone after going through it but again thats just me.
  • After having the c-section at 2 weeks PP I am only 4.4 lbs away from my pre-pg weight. Not much longer to go! My pre-pg jeans almost fit but still need to tone up I think before they will fit
  • Breastfeeding is a hard thing especially the first 4 days but since my milk has came in, it has been so much easier. I am still exclusively BF her for now but wont be able to do it once I go back to work in August. It has been an amazing bonding time for us and I love it a lot more than I thought I would. Of course going anywhere has been a definite challenge because Im not pumping but we have found work arounds so far.
  • My Brest Friend Pillow=wonderful! The LC had one when we went for one our BF sessions and it made nursing so much easier. I would now recommend it to anyone feeding, its so much easier than a boppy pillow.
  • Morgan has been an amazing baby-she sleeps at night the minimum of 5 hrs but last night slept 7.5 hrs straight. We have been told by many people just how blessed we are that she sleeps so long. It sure helps mom & dad to feel rested. I think Morgan just likes her sleep as much as we do!
  • I dont think I can ever say Ive been more excited to see poop & pee diapers its amazing how your life revolves around these to make sure everything is ok with their systems
  • When she has gas poor little thing just isnt a happy camper I wish I could take the gas away from her.
  • baby smiles are the absolute best and make the world go around for now. I could kiss her little cheeks and still not have enough  I dont think.
  • Bassinet=best purchase if you dont have one. It has been a wonderful thing to have around. She loves sleeping in her little bassinet!
  • She loves music and will fall to sleep in no time once you turn it on, its like magic!
  • Doing anything always revolves around naps, its amazing how much more you can get done in such a small amount of time!
  • We are still trying to figure out the entire schedule thing. So far we have the night down but daytime varies greatly with naps. One day she will take lots of 30-45 min naps and other days she will take 2-3 hr naps.
  • I still wonder how parents of more than one run errands its hard enough going anywhere with 1. I keep getting told it will get easier once she gets a little bigger but for now Chad is running the errands because its so much easier!
  • Getting dressed is definitely a challenge. I seem to get a shower in but makeup and fixing my hair  usually doesnt happen for now. Maybe one day Ill get it all down :)
  • I could seriously stare at her all day long except I guess  I need to sleep sometime.
  • She loves to cuddle and it is so sweet. She just loves to lay on your chest and will stare up at you with her beautiful little eyes. Those moments I will treasure forever and ever!
  • Morgan is such a content baby and doesnt cry much at all but when she does she is loud and lets you know.
  • Ive been amazed that our dog when she does bark it doesnt bother Morgan one bit. I know they say that if the dog barks while she is in the womb she gets used to the sound but I guess I never really believed it-guess I should now.
  • Many people told me I would cry over everything but honestly I really havent. I guess it all goes back to the every person is different. I cried when Morgan was born how could someone not. Meeting your child for the first time is a magical moment.


Leah said...

So fun to read your list of what you've learned about motherhood. :)

Rosie said...

First of all, how could you pull all this out of your brain? I was on overload at this point and could barely form a sentence! lol.
Also, for her gas if it's bad, try little tummy's gas relief-amazing.
It sounds like you have the perfect little angel. I love the picture you posted!! You're right about what works for one person may not for your own. That's why it's hard to let other people watch your child b/c they don't know how she works. It does get a little easier & eventually you will have to let her cry so that you can get ready. It won't hurt. (that took me a while to figure out). I'm glad to hear everything is going well.

Dana said...

Okay I am super jealous that she sleeps so long at night!!! I am lucky if Noah sleeps 2 hours in a row at night..ugg!!! I am glad you recovered from ur c-section so well!! And I agree I could just stare at Noah all day long..but yeah we do need sleep. And I am hoping that getting makeup and hair done will come far I don't know how to get it all done :D

Baker said...

I loved reading your list! It's amazing how every baby is different, even when they are your own! My 2 are SO different.
And pretty soon you'll get the hang of leaving the house for errands. It takes time. I remember the first time I drove w/ Baker. I drove under the speed limit I was so scared! :) And now, w/ Sidney, not so much!
I'm sorry I haven't gotten by to see little Morgan... shame on me... :(
Sidney was sick last week & we've just been busy. Sad excuses but I'll try to get by one night this week or next (Baker is turning 5 Monday & we are planning/getting ready for his party this weekend).
You are lucky w/ all the sleep. Sidney didn't sleep all night until she was 7 weeks old! Made for one tired Momma & Daddy! Wouldn't trade it for the world though! :)

Miranda said...

Great post :) It will be on the blog for the 19th. Thanks again hunny.

Dana said...

Ok, I am so envious that you are back in your pre-pregnancy jeans so quickly, way to go! It took me almost 4 months to fit in mine....:)

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