The difference a day can make is incredible I must admit. Yesterday Morgan decided that she was not going to nap at all for the entire day. We tried literally about everything to get this child to go to bed she just refused to go to bed. Then on top of no naps she was feeding about every hour (really more like every 30 min from the time she ended till the time she started the next time). Poor little girl was so tired and so fussy and there was not a thing in the world that was making her better. Of course the mommy guilt kicked in and all I kept thinking is why cant I just console her. Finally she did go to bed for the night, woke up and decided she wanted to stay up for 2 hrs. Im not sure if she is going through a growth spurt or what but she sure is eating a TON!

Today is going a bit better and she has been down for 1.5 hrs so far for a nap so much better start than yesterday. We go back this afternoon to check up on her weight to see if she is up to her birth weight yet or not. Cant believe she is already 4 weeks old-time is flying by!

Also need a few recommendations..
1) For pumping, what is the best way to store the milk (bottles, bags, etc) and how long can you keep it in the freezer?
2) We need to invest in a baby monitor since she will be moving into her room soon. Would love to hear good or bad out of a monitor.


Dana said...

Noah has been the same way yesterday and today! Nothing is consoling him and he is eating like crazy. I think it is a growth spurt. Someone told me that when they go through a growth spurt they are irritable and super hunger :D You are doing an amazing job...try not to let the mommy guilt get ya :D Love U!

Rosie said...

Gavin acted hungry a lot too but it was just the only way he reacted when he was tired or something. Try the pacifier next time it hasn't been long enough between feedings. If you are persistant, she will know that she doesn't need a bottle every time she is awake or tired.
We learned this from his Dr after he weight too much from eating too much!

And we just use a regular monitor w/lights & vibrator. I like it & I really like the ones that are cordless! Make a huge difference.

Rosie said...

I meant to ask, did you figure out the head rest situation with the carseat?

Jen said...

3-4 weeks is always a time for a big growth spurt. All my kids had a couple of days around then when they would go a couple of days of eating all the time and not napping and then a couple of days of sleeping great.

I found that the bags were the easiest for me. If you go with bags spend the money and get the lansinoh bags. They are so much better quality and don't rip nearly as often as the gerber bags. has great recommendations on how long it can stay in the fridge/freezer depending on the type of freezer you have.

I don't have one but I have heard great things about the sony babycall monitors. I had a cheap fisher price one and it died in less than a year.

Katie said...

The bags wouldn't take up as much room in the freezer and can be stacked. I used to put them in old baby-wipes containers. They can be put in a deep freezer for up to 6 months and a conventional freezer (with a fridge) for up to 3 months. Just make sure to put them towards the back. I learned this the hard way by having a bunch of milk spoil on me well before that 3-month mark. :(

We have a Fisher-Price Lights and Sounds Monitor. It doesn't vibrate (that would have been a nice feature!) but it does the job. We didn't opt for a video monitor because I'm paranoid enough without having to watch DD constantly while she's in her room.

Chrissy said...

Growth spurts are around 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months, and then 6 months so you are probably in the middle of the 3 week one now. They can be very draining on mama!

I always used the Medela brand bags to store milk. I would freeze them as flat as possible and then store a load of them in bigger, labeled baggies. It helped when we started using the frozen milk to immediately know which bag was the oldest and needed used first. Lactation told us up to 3 months in the freezer, but I read several other places that if you have a newer, reliable freezer that you can store it longer. We've used milk 5 months old from the freezer with no issues.

I like our Summer Infant monitor with the camera. I think having the camera has made Addison a better sleeper because I can tell if she is just fussing or really done sleeping and needs out of bed.

Baker said...

We have a Safety 1st monitor. It's just sound but we've had it for 5 years now & it's been working great the whole time. And it picks up sounds REALLY good. I can hear Baker in his room and the monitor is in Sidney's room. It also has a night light that I can turn on when I check on her at night that's a little brighter than the wall night light in her room. & it wasn't but like $30 or so...
Hope you find one you like!

Nerida said...

4 weeks sounds a good time for a growth spurt.

We had an Angelcare Sound & Movement monitor and loved it.

derek and brittney said...

I was told by the lactation consultant that breastmilk is good for up to 10 hours room temp, 3 days in fridge, 3 months in freezer, and 6 months in deep freeze.
We have a fisher price light and sounds monitor and we have always been happy with it.

Amber said...

Rosie-we did end up getting the car seat issue fixed. Chad took it over to a different fire department and they fixed it right away. We figured out our car cant have a car seat in the middle and they put a noodle at the edge of it to even it out better!

Kelli Ray said...

I'm glad you got the car seat fixed. They can be really complicated and hard to figure out. Dave's become a car seat expert. LOL!

We love our sony monitor.

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