1 Month old

Wow how time is already flying by! Can it really be that Morgan has been here for a full month already?! I just cant believe it. She is truly our little love and we couldnt imagine life without her!

Weight: 8 lbs 9 oz (as of Friday at 4 wks) which means she gained 9 oz in ONE week! We were thrilled to hear the wonderful news. That means we dont have to go back this week to get her weight check since she is officially over her birth weight.

Length: 22 inches

What Morgan can do/has been up to this month...
  • smiles (she has gotten pretty good at this)
  • can turn her body around in her bassinet by kicking the side of it (its always fun to see how she will be turned in the morning when we wake up)
  • her sleep schedule at night revolves around 5-8 hrs of sleep and then after that its all up in the air for now
  • her new love is for the pacifier, she will literally scream bloody murder sometimes if she doesnt have it in her mouth.We are still trying to figure out how to keep it in her mouth.
  • She has figured out how to take her pacifier out of her mouth with her fingers but has not figured out how to put it back in.
  • her poop/pee diapers are becoming a lot more regular now which makes us 2 happy parents :)
  • she still has a little blocked tear duct but its getting better with the medicine
  • she has developed baby acne  which we have found out gets worst when you are out in the heat so we are told to keep her nice and cool so it doesnt get worst which is tough when it is 100+ in MS!
  • outings are not something that she enjoys very much but occasionally we do have to escape from the house on rare occasions. It is definitely more of a chore now especially with breastfeeding and figuring it out
  • she loves kisses and just to be talked to. 
  • she loves to look around especially at the ceiling and she is getting so much more alert!
  • she loves to breastfeed and is really taking to it well.
  • She does not care so much for a bottle but Im pumping to try to introduce her to the bottle when I go back to work in August. So far she will take the pumped bottle but its not her favorite thing.
  • She can now fully turn her head from one side to the other
  • She can scoot just a tiny little bit on her play gym-its so cute
  • she loves to talk to and makes the funniest little noises
  • she loves to be held and is getting to where she doesnt like to be put down
  • you are sleeping in your bassinet still-we still havent moved you to your room yet
  • you get the hiccups all the time and it always seems to wake you up.
  • She still seems to be going through her first growing spell (started at 3 wks 6 days) and her schedule is all out of whack right now. I sure hope it gets back to normal.


Onna said...

I can't believe she's 1 month already.
Sounds like things are going well. Happy one month sweet girl!

Leah said...

Wow! Has it really been a month! So happy she is over her birth weight. She continues to be adorable. :)

Kelli Ray said...

She looks so sweet! :) I can't believe it's been a month either. Wow!

I hope she doesn't keep the no sleeping up. :( I know all about that and it's no fun.

Mommy guilt is the worst! It does get better over time.

It also does get a lot easier to take them out with you when they get older. Mason loves to be out and about.

I am so with you on the c-section. The only thing I'm worried about for next time is getting the epidural for the c-section, not the c-section itself. LOL!

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