Well Ive figured out 3 things that really work well for Morgan

1) Gripe Water-it gets rid of the hiccups instantly! The only place Ive found it around here is Babies R Us but Im sure other places have it too.

2) Car seat-she sleeps so much better in it (thanks to my wonderful hubby for trying it out)

3) the word shhh. If she is fussy all you have to do is softly speak the word shhhh right in her ear and its like magic to calm her down.

Hope some of these will work for other parents.

I have added a link on the left side of her gallery from Mobile Me. I just uploaded a lot of new pictures for her 1 month. Feel free to check back and Im constantly adding new pictures to it.


Sarah'sSmile said...

Read the book Happiest Baby on the Block. He recommends the 5 S's

Just Believing said...

YES YES YES Happiest baby on t he block if she likes the shhhhing she will like all the "S's"

Youtube it even its a lifesaver!

Dana said...

Shhhh really works with Trevor too. It gives him instant calm.

Trevor was out like a light when he was Morgan's age when we put him in either his carseat or swing. I think he was much more comfortable sitting up a bit. Isn't it funny that you discover so many 'tricks' that work for your baby?

Rosie said...

Gripe Water is an absolute life saver and so is shh for Gavin. The car seat all depends if he's tired or not when he gets in. So glad you discovered some things that work for Morgan.

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